Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday Skyler was doing a tiny bit better.  His swelling had gone down some and he was able to get up and walk a little.  He was still very much in pain, sick and extremely tired.  He was asleep most of the day but was woken up by the nurse to take another dose of medicine.  He did not want to take the medicine so was really hard on him.  He wanted everyone but his mom out of the room.  (I can see why he has lots of people watching him all day long)  After his meds he showed us his cool new dino romote control toy that his friends gave him.  The first time we saw him excited that day was when uncle Todd asked him to play the nintendo with him.  He sat up and was alert.  He even asked if he could walk down the hall with Todd to pick out a new game.  That was huge that he felt he could do that!  Although the nurse said he could not since his levels were at 200 and they needed to be at 500 in order to leave the room at all. 
Monday they determined that Skyler's Kidney's were not functioning like they should be and allowing him to release all the fluids they have been giving him.  His Dr's held a meeting that afternoon to determine if he needed to be placed on Dialasys.  They came back and told Crystal that they were going to try a new medicine and see how his body reacts to that.  They were hopeful that the new medicine would help so he would not have to go that route.  Tuesday the Dr's said that all of his organs had hit a plataue but his kidney's.  His kidney's had only gotten a little worse yesterday instead of a lot worse like they had been doing.  So they are going to wait a little longer to see what his body does.  We're all praying that our little boy's body can start to fight back on it's own so that he can recover!!
Grandma Beckstrand letting Kayson see Skyler.  His cousin Kayson just wanted to hug him and was sad and didn't understand why he couldn't touch his best friend.
Aunt Brittany and Kayson while Skyler sleeps.
We're so proud of Skyler for being so good about taking all of his many medications.
Skyler wanted to show everyone how his new dino toy worked but was too tired to even watch what he was doing with it. 
Uncle Jared and Skyler playing nintendo.
Crystal went down stairs to get his cousins who were coming and while she was gone Skyler asked us to call her and tell her to come up cuz he just wanted a hug from his mommy!  So sweet.  He fell asleep before she even got into the room.
Uncle Todd watchin Sky play nintendo.
Skyler's cousins love him so much!  This picture didn't turn out so well I had to try and hurry and take it because Skyler got upset with all the pictures that were being taken of him that day.  (Totally understandable, I would get annoyed too!)
We Love you Skyler!!  You're doing an amazing job, keep fighting!!  You have so many people who love and support you!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the pictures! My kids are so concerned about Skyler, even though they have never met him. They were thrilled to be able to see him and hear more about how he is doing.
We are praying for you all!
Jackie Pilkinton and family