Friday, February 24, 2012

Today was dressing change day.  Skyler's cousin Nicole came over to hold his hand while I changed the dressing.  After Skyler was done Nicole let him put a dressing on her so she could see how it feels.  It was super cute watching him be the nurse.  He knew how to do everything and what order to do them in.  He was also consoling her the whole time in case it was hurting her like it hurts him.  He actually did this to me last week so I could see how it feels to take the dressing off.  It honestly HURTS so bad especially when it rips out all your arm hairs, and I don't have something sore jammed into my arm either.  He is so much stronger than his momma for sure.

These pictures aren't very clear because they are off my phone, but meet nurse Skyler.  Here he is scrubbing Nicole's arm with alcohol.

In this picture he is saying "Are you scared?"

                                                          Dressing buddies!


Holly said...

Love it! He is so strong!

little Alyssa VS Cancer said...

Looks like you have a future doctor in the family, and a handsome one at that.