Friday, March 2, 2012

On Tuesday Skyler had another clinic appointment for Vinc and an LP. Everything went really well. His ANC has come down and is finally in the range it is supposed to be but his blood and platelets counts dropped down too low, just as I had suspected. He has been really pale and bruising alot lately so I wouldn't have been surprised if he needed a transfusion, but luckily both levels were barely above transfusion levels so we were able to make it home without any. We had to stop all oral chemo the rest of this week though because of the low counts to let his body recover. I hate having to stop his oral chemo because he needs it to keep the cancer away, but a little part of me was happy because I thought it would give him a week of feeling great. I was so wrong. Last night he spiked a fever and he has been having really bad body aches. His head is really hurting as well as his knees and back. He could hardly walk last night and this morning because he had so much pain in his knees. Even when he is just sitting down his knees are hurting, its so weird. Because of the fevers we went back in to clinic for IV antibiotics and cultures. His ANC was still ok, so thankfully we were able to come home afterward instead of being admitted.

Skyler is still feeling really crummy tonight and keeps saying that he is just so sick. He is now saying his throat hurts and feels nauseous as well. I haven't seen him feel this miserable for awhile and it breaks my heart. It brings back a flood of emotions I was starting to get used to not having. He has been doing so extremely well lately so I have been able to relax and feel really good about things, but seeing him like this again just brings back all those awful panicky feelings. Hopefully he can get the rest his body needs tonight so he can start feeling better soon.


charity said...

hope he gets better quickly

Holly said...

Praying that he feels better very soon and that you can have peace of mind.

Erin said...

I hope he's feeling better quickly.

Have his knees been hurting long? Have they considered doing a scan for AVN?

little Alyssa VS Cancer said...

My name is Mat Daggs, if you have a Facebook, I ask that you please find me or my wife Jennifer and friend us. We are just beginning this cancerous nightmare.
2.06.12 We took my 3 yo, Alyssa, in for a thyroid check up at Children's Medical Dallas. Went great, we left, phone rings, back to ER, BOOM!! MY KID HAS LEUKEMIA, wait, what?
"She's too healthy and sweet to have cancer" like Skyler she too has A.L.L. we are headed back to CMC at 7 tomorrow morning for vinc, marrow, and LP. Please pray for us as well, as we most definitely will be praying for you all. Skyler is true inspiration, I was very scared up until reading all of this. This little soldier has stood up to ALL his cancer "WARS" makes our 'battles' feel small-scale. Hard to feel sorry for myself after reading what yall have been put through. With much love and prayer from one A.L.L. Parent, to another, keep up the fight, NEVER GIVE UP!
PS: anybody who would like to add us on FB, please do. Mat Daggs, Jennifer Gilliard,
we love you Alyssa (fanpage) sorry abt long

little Alyssa VS Cancer said...

Sorry if some of the previous post doesn't make sense. Haven't had 1 full night of sleep since diagnosis (THANKS DEXAMETHOZONE)

-Explanation of 'Dexamethozone' if anyone hasn't heard of this fun stage of Chemo-


like right now: 2 am in Dallas; Alyssa and myself on couch. She is eating spaghetti, ramen noodles, grilled cheeses', and a special order of white cheddar macaroni. She is literally forcing me to watch "The Mask" w/ Jim Carrey and I HAD BETTER NOT CLOSE MY EYES!! LOL, ROIDRAGE SUCKS BUT IT'S GOTTA BE WORSE IN 3 YEAR OLD SWEETHEARTS THAN MACHO TOUGH GUYS.
Anyways, goodnight and good luck. Keep us in thought.

Mat Daggs