Sunday, March 18, 2012

We are home and it turns out Skyler does not have the chicken pox.  They scraped a sample of one of the dots and also looked at his blood work and they both came back negative.  That's such a relief, but he is still covered in spots and we don't know what it is.  Thankfully his fevers have stopped so that's why he was able to come home and he was able to stop the acyclovir as well.  He is doing really well and doesn't act sick so I'm not too concerned.  They said there are so many rashes out there that are unexplainable and if he isn't fevering then he should be just fine.  The spots don't seem as inflamed today either so that's a good sign too.  He was so excited to come home to his new doggie and get out of isolation and back to the real world.  His counts are great too so he can play with cousins again.  He is a very happy boy right now!  Thank you all for your concern and many prayers on Skyler's behalf. 


Misty Jo said...

Glad to hear that it isn't chicken pox! I hope he continues to feel better:)

Briana said...

oh, geez! i'm behind, but how scary! i'm so glad it isn't chicken pox! what a relief!

suzie said...

How is ur lil super hero doing, is he doing okay???? Haven't heard from u in several days and just worried?!

I hope and pray everything is going alright and ur skyler is still progressing fwd!!

Always in mine and my Kid's prayers,