Monday, March 12, 2012

Yesterday was quite an emotional roller coaster for me.  First thing in the morning I found out the devastating news that a fellow cancer cutie had earned his angel wings.  He was only three years old and he was getting ready for a bone marrow transplant from his little sister.  Every time I hear that another little hero has lost their fight, a little piece of my heart goes with them.  It is so hard to hear of lives cut short from the same battle my son is fighting.  I found this saying on pinterest of all places yesterday and it seemed really fitting.
A little boy asks his dad "Dad, why do all the best people die?"
Father  "My son when you are in a garden which flowers do you pick?  The most BEAUTIFUL ones."

After feeling down all morning my day got brighter when we welcomed the newest member of our little family, Jagger.  My moms friend offered this adorable little Yorkie to Skyler.  At first I was a little hesitant just because of the germ factor and everyone knows how much of a germ a phobe I am, but I knew that this little guy would be such a wonderful little buddy for Skyler.  Skyler's stuffed animals have become his best friends and he takes care of them like they are real animals so I knew this dog would be perfect for him.  He is two years old and only four pounds.  He doesn't shed and is already house and potty trained.  The perfect dog.  Skyler is already in love with him.  I haven't seen him smile and laugh this much in so long.  He said to me this morning "I just cant stop loving him."  I have already fallen in love with him too.  He is just so cute and is such a good dog.  He likes to cuddle and follow me around.  I am so grateful that this little guy is in our lives. 

The only hard part for Skyler is the fact that when Jagger came to live with us he had to be separated from his dad.  Skyler still cries alot because he misses his own daddy so much, so he felt really bad that we took him away from his daddy.  He just kept saying "I love him so much but I'm so sad he cant be with his daddy anymore."  Skyler isn't as sad about it today as he was yesterday because he says they are going to be best buddies.

Things were going great yesterday until I looked at Skyler and knew he didn't look right.  I took his temp and sure enough he had spiked a fever.  Just hours after getting Jagger I had to take Skyler up to the ER and was pretty sure we were going to have to be admitted because of low counts.  We were both so sad to leave this little guy, but uncle Ty came to the rescue and brought his stuff to spend the night at our house so Jagger wouldn't be alone.  Thank you Ty!  The ER was super busy last night that it took forever just to get us into a room and get cultures done.  They started the usual routine of rocephin while we waited for his counts to come back.  This morning I also noticed that he had developed these little pinpoint red dots all over him.  They said it was probably some sort of viral rash which was probably causing his fevers.  Nothing too concerning thank goodness.  After hours of waiting we were both so tired and I was not looking forward to an admission to ICS.  Fortunately he counts came back looking great.  His ANC went from .1 to 2.2!  Also his hematocrit went up just a little and his platelets jumped up to a whopping 240.  It was a miracle and we were both so happy to be able to go home with our little doggy.  He was so excited to see us.  Even though it was close to two in the morning we sat and played and cuddled with him before we went to bed.

Although it was an emotional day we are so blessed.  I held Skyler a little tighter yesterday with the reminder that life is too short.  We got a cute little addition to our family and Skyler's counts have finally made their way up.  We can start living again!


Brandi said...

I love your blog! It brings me back to where I should be every time I read it and makes me appreciate everything in my life. I stumbled across your blog a long time ago, and is the first one I click on for updates. Skyler melts my heart every time I see his huge grin. There couldn't be a more loved little puppy than Jagger. I have said it before, but will say it again. You are an amazing mom and Skyler is an amazing little boy. You two are the perfect match and little Jagger will fit perfectly into your family. I am so glad Skyler is feeling better. Enjoy the sunshine!

suzie said...

Literally......praying our hearts out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT AND DAY for ur superhero Skyler!!! The most amazing, cutest, strongest kid around!!!!!


Tonya said...

You brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful saying. My thoughts and prayers are with the family that lost their precious angel. You are right, hold your children a little tighter and be thankful, because life is too short. Congratulations on your newest addition,Jagger.

Holly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that family's news. That is so tragic.

I am so glad, though, to hear about your newest family member. I hope he brings continued joy and love to your lives.

danniandrockstar said...

I am literally in tears reading this post. You don't know me, but I have been following your blog for quite sometime now. I am so glad to see that you have your new little addition and that Skyler is doing well. I too am a single mother, and I am amazed at your strength as a single mom despite all you have been through! I have a little boy (and a four pound Maltese that my son calls his "brother"). It's amazing how these little dogs become part of the family and add just what's needed when you're living with just two. We've come to love our little dog and he gives me the strength and love I need when I feel alone or I am having a tough day. I'm so glad to see that you guys have Jagger!