Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Line attempt number two was a success.  We went early yesterday to fluoroscopy where they started an IV in his hand so they could sedate him. Skyler did great and was so brave.  I think it helped too knowing this would be his last IV start (hopefully).  To sedate him they used versed and ketamine.  I hate ketamine because it makes their eyes move back and forth really quick and they still look awake.  Even though he has his eyes open and he looks like he is looking at you he is in lala land and not aware of things.  Also the versed helps him to forget everything that happened.  I was able to go back with him and hold him when they gave him the drugs.  They gave him versed first to relax him.  I love this drug, and by the goofy smily look on Skylers face he like it too.  I layed him down and he just kept laughing and smiling at everything.  He kept saying how funny I looked and that all the big machines in the room were so silly.  I left as they gave him the ketamine and went to his happy place.  They placed the picc in his right arm.  Its alot lower on his arm than he had before and it dangles down lower than I wanted it to but it will just take some getting used to like everything else.  We have been able to wrap coban around it so it helps secure it and keep it out of the way.  The surgical team also came down while he was out and changed his dressing on his chest.  She removed all the gauze and had to put more in because it was deeper than she wanted it to be.  When we were at clinic today and he had the sleepy medicine she came back down to look at it again.  She said it looked so much better and was able to take the drain out.  The wound team is going to follow us until it is all the way healed.  Just like with his wound on his bum I have to pack some stuff down into the wound everyday so it will heal from the inside out and not leave any pocket of infection.  They also started him back on vancomyacin, an IV antibiotic.  Instead of the oral antibiotics they put him back on this for 10 days now that he has a line.  I have to give it to him every eight hours.  Considering all that has happened he is doing so well.  He looks great and has a great attitude about everything.

At clinic today he had vincristine and was also scheduled for an LP but the doc decided to hold off on the back poke so we dont introduce any new source of infection.  He said he would probably be fine but he also said if anything is going to happen it will happen to Skyler.  So instead of a back poke they changed his chest and picc line dressing.  Im so grateful that they were able to do those both while he was sleeping so I didnt have to tonight. 

He did have a reaction to the vancomyacin today that they call redman's.  His face and neck went all red and he started itching all over.  The itching isnt common with this but it went away when the redness went away.  We just have to slow down the infusion next time and he should be ok.  Its been a long and exhausting day but we got alot accomplished and dont have to go back to clinic for another month.  I love that I can say that.

I didnt take alot of pictures the last couple of days but here is the new picc.  I just hooked him up to the vancomyacin in this picture.


suzie said...

Just one of the most darling, courageous, sweet- faced, strong willed, fighter, brave, celestial little boys out there in this world!!! With an amazing mother to go along with it! :)
I'm so happy to hear that it went well and to see ur sweet boys' smile. We are continuing to pray for him.


Chelsie said...

I'm so glad things went well. He really looks so good. He looks like the pictures you have on here of him before diagnosis. In fact, I wasn't sure when the pic in this post was taken until I saw the line.

Erin said...

What a champ, he's just too darn cute!

Briana said...

so glad to hear it went well! and i agree with chelsie - skyler is looking great. very robust and healthy - he has come so far!

Piano Mom said...

Phew! Seriously, Skyler is so special in so many ways. I'm so glad he has the PICC and hopefully this will be the magic line for him!

Erin used to get Redman's everytime with Vancomycin unless we pre-meded her. The first time was super frustrating because she was so red and super itchy. She ended up scratching scabs all over her bald head, it was very sad. You'd think that they'd just assume kids would react to the Vanco and have it infuse slower. I'm glad he's doing well!

Eisha said...

Love the picture at the end...you guys are making good progress!

Holly said...

I've been following your blog ever since Skyler got sick - I'm an old friend of Heather Issacson. I don't think I've commented before.

Anyways, I've often cried reading your story - but today, I really sobbed for a few minutes after seeing that picture. My 5 year old has that same hat. He's as healthy as healthy can be. Thank you for the reminder that I can't take that for granted. Thank you for helping me to be a better Mom. You're so much stronger than I could ever imagine to me. Our prayers are always with you!!

susi and adam said...

glad things are going better.... hopefully you will have a peaceful and a good blessed Christmas!!! hugs!

Nikki said...

So handsome!

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