Friday, April 27, 2012

These months seem to be flying by lately.  Tuesday we headed back up to clinic for more chemo.  I was really happy Skyler only had to get Vincristine  and no chemo in his spine, but when I told Skyler that he didnt have to get the sleepy medicine  he started crying.  Definitely not the response I was expecting.  He looked at me totally bummed out and said "NOOO!  I really want to have my backpoke mom."  His reason why...he really wanted to play with the helicopter they have in there while he is getting his sleepy medicine.  It was a little slap in the face and reminded me that he really is just a child.  He just seems so much older to me with all the things he knows, has been exposed to, and has to do that sometimes I forget he is just a little boy.  Its crazy that he has no problem having to go without food, get anesthesia and a giant needle stuck in his back if that means he gets to play with a toy.  He seiously amazes me and I know I wouldnt be able to do what he has to do with the attitude he does it with.  I read this saying the other day and it is so true for me.  "Most people never get to meet their HEROS, I gave birth to mine."

Despite not being able to play with his helicopter in RTU, Skyler did really well at clinic.  His counts came back really high but not as high as they were last month.  This just means that his body is still trying to fight off whatever infection he had when he had those fevers.  They didnt bump up his oral chemo anymore because they are expecting his counts to drop back into normal range this month.

Physically Skyler has been doing really well until yesterday when he started coughing and sneezing and had a runny nose.  I was hoping and praying it was just allergies or something, but throughout the night and this morning it has gotten worse.  He has a full blown cold and Im afraid we might end up either in the ER with a fever or in ICS with croup.  Before diagnosis Skyler's colds ALWAYS turned into croup and he always ended up in the hopsital getting breathing treatments and steriods.  I pray his cough this time just stays a normal cough and that his body can fight this off like any other kid.  It's a good thing his counts are high so they will help fight this cold before it turns into anything more.  Before cancer I never in a million years thought a cold could bring this much anxiety, worry and panic.


Holly said...

Praying for you both, Crystal!

BTW, every time I hear the Kelly Clarkson song on the radio, I think of Skyler and how strong he is.

Tonya said...

Wow, what a powerful quote, brought immediate tears. He is truly a hero in my eyes also. I will also say a prayer that all goes well with his cold. We are thinking of you both.