Sunday, July 8, 2012

This summer has been wonderful so far.  Skyler has been having alot of fun playing and being active.  He doesn't hold back.  He jumps off anything he can and runs all over the place.  It was only a matter of time before he got too brave and hurt himself.  The other day he was running down the stairs and took a tumble landing on his foot.  I was hoping that after resting it for a bit he would be ok, but in the morning he still couldn't walk or put any pressure on it.  He had to crawl or be carried everywhere so we ended up in the ER getting xrays.  Thankfully it wasn't broken, just really bruised.  We also found out that he is very osteopenic.  If you took an xray of my foot the bones in the xray would be all white.  In Skyler's you could really only see the outline of his bones and they were hardly white at all.  The chemo has really taken a toll on his little body and it makes me so sad.  This was just another reminder that there is still poison killing the good as well as the bad in his body.

He has finally been able to put pressure on it and has started walking again, but it still looks swollen and hurts him all the time.  We have clinic in a couple of weeks so we will follow up with his oncologist about it then.  Even though he is in pain it hasn't slowed him down.  I think he is just so used to hurting that his pain tolerance has increased and he has just learned how to live with it.  I cant wait for the day when pain isn't apart of his daily life and this all becomes a distant memory to him.

                                                      Waiting in the ER for xrays.


Holly said...

Poor Skyler! I pray that he will feel much better as soon as possible.

Briana said...

Poor little guy! But I'm glad it wasn't broken. That's good you were able to get a look at his bones from the x-ray - just to know exactly what you're dealing with. Elena also likes to jump off of things a lot and I cringe a little bit because of what the docs have told us about chemo weakening her bones. So far she's been ok, but I just always wonder...

Glad he's having a much more normal, active summer! Hooray!