Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skyler has been pretty sick this week.  The PEG shots he got on Monday have made him really nauseous and he has been throwing up at least a couple times a day.  Other than that though he has been doing so well.  At clinic our oncologist said he couldnt even feel his liver, its actually a normal size now.  Before, his liver went all the way down to his pelvic bone.  It was so big that after they took his spleen out it basically spread out and took up his whole belly.  When we first got home I had to buy pants that were a couple sizes bigger than he normally wears and then also cut the sides to be able to fit around his belly.  Now its getting so small, it almost looks like a normal belly.  I had to go buy all new pants because the ones I cut kept falling down whenever he would stand up.  He just looks so good.  His hair is also growing in like crazy.  He is no longer a little baldie.  If it werent for the feeding tube in his nose you wouldnt even be able to tell that anything is wrong with him.  Definitely a miracle.  Its hard to believe that just a couple months ago he was in the PICU literally fighting for his life.

Skyler loves to do crafts, so I went and got a bunch of crafty things we could do this week.  Also a friend brought Skyler over some supplies to make his own music box.  He got his own little hammer and goggles and apron (well I dont really know what its called so we'll call it a man apron).  He had so much fun putting it together.  Here is my little own handy man.....

Isnt he a handsome little handy man?

He was hammering those nails in pretty hard.  As you can see grandpa was a little scared he might lose one of his fingers.

One of the crafts he did was make his own hat.  He kept saying "This is pretty funky!"

Meet "platehead" another one of Skyler's crafts.  Oh and in case you were wondering those circles under his mouth are eyes...Skyler says he is supposed to be a scary monster named platehead.

He also had a walker race with Grandma Kathy.  He won!

I just had to add his picture because he actually ate half of a sandwich today without throwing up.  This is the most he has eaten at once in five months.  Yay!


Jenna said...

Hi Skyler
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are a real brave courageous fighter. You are a champ and a inspiration. U are full of life and spunk even though you are sick. U are a hero! U will be in my thoughts and prayers. I was born with a rare life threatening bone disease.
My site:

Macy said...

This post had me in tears! He is such a handsome little boy! I am so happy that he is doing so great! Crystal, you are a fabulous mom. You and Skylar are in my prayers daily.

Macy from BYU

Jessica said...

Sky Guy you are my hero! Crystal you are an inspiration to mothers every where. Go Fight Win Super Sky!

Diane said...

Love the walker race! So happy the miracles keep coming.

Chelsie said...

He is just so freaking adorable! I love the things he says. I hope he feels better soon. So glad his liver is doing so great! Oh my goodness, there's just so much fabulousness going on at your house! I bet the two of you are about to explode with joy! YAY!

Briana said...

i'm sorry he's been so sick. poor little guy!

but that is wonderful news about all the good things that are happening! he looks so great! my husband and i were just talking the other day about what a miracle skyler is. we love to see all this progress. go skyler!