Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good news!  Skyler's chest CT came back almost completely clear.  He still has one little nodule left but as for the others they are all gone.  I am one happy and relieved momma right now.  Also his liver and kidneys look good too.  They still have scar tissue on them where the fungal balls were but its just scar tissue nothing new.  I started crying when they told me which made Skyler alittle scared because he thought something was wrong (mental note-keep emotions in check next time) but I was so relieved its like the flood gates opened.  I was worried that may be the culprit of the fevers but its not and I couldnt be happier. 

Bad news (well not terribly bad) he is still having fevers but they think it may be just C-Diff which is caused by being on alot of antibiotics.  It also may be the Adeno virus he had before but Ill take either of those options over lung problems any day.  To say for sure they needed a stool sample from Skyler today but he wasnt able to go so they sent us home with stuff so I can collect it (something Im super excited about...haha) then they will test it tomorrow.  They also sent us home with medication for C-Diff just in case thats what it is and I will start that tonight.  They also did some more cultures of his line and a nose swab to check for other viruses.  His hematocrit was low so he will need a blood transfusion tomorrow but his platelets and ANC are great.  Because he is still having fevers they will not admit him tomorrow to start this next phase of treatment.  He needs to have gone at least 48 hours without a fever before they will.  Im really bummed about that part, but the good news today kind of outshines this part.

Skyler is still feeling pretty miserable with these fevers and vomiting but hopefully we can get this taken care of quickly so he can get some relief.  Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, it helps tremendously.

                Skyler waiting down in imaging for his CT scan. 

He is so used to doing this that he lays right down without even being asked. 

It is still so weird for me to see him laying there without tubes or machines attached to him.  I have bad memories of this room.  This is when it hit me just how sick my little boy was when it took 5 nurses and 2 respiratory therapists to help keep him alive on the transport down here.  He was attached to so many machines and poles that it took every single one of them to lift him from the hospital bed to the scan table.  That is a day I will never forget.

The machine slides him back and forth through this hole.

I had to add this picture of the ceiling because I have so many of these paintings memorized.  This room, the surgery waiting room, and the hall where we wait to go into the PICU all have paintings that I will always remember because I looked at them so much.  I cannot stand mermaids now just due to the fact that in the surgery waiting room there is a painting of a mermaid that I spent countless hours staring at.

I love love love this picture.  Not just because he is so cute, but because I remember in the PICU when we were kicked out for a couple hours everyday I came out here to eat dinner and remember thinking how nice it would be if he could be out here with the other kids tossing pennies in and making a wish.  Every time I came out here I prayed that one day he would be able to, so this picture brings a smile to my face.  After he threw the penny in I asked him what he wished for.  His wish was not to have cancer anymore.  With everything in me I hope that wish comes true.


Erin said...

What a fantastic update!! I'm so happy for both of you, I have tears in my eyes reading this.

I hope they are right about it being c-diff or adeno virus and can get him feeling better quickly.

And what a gorgeous picture of Skyler making a wish, with so many emotions attached to it.


lea said...

Im so happy for you right now! Look how good he looks too! AND walking???Way to go Skyler!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Since coming across your blog, I thin of brave little Skyler and his fight and your positivity as you see him through it all. God bless you and your sweet little guy! Blessings, Tammy

Anonymous said...

oh crystal,, the news is wonderful!! another step closer to kicking cancer in the butt. I love the picture of him with the penny. You are both doing great,,, God bless!!

hembrookadelman said...

Awesome, awesome news today!!! That is such good news to hear. I love the penny photo and the memory attached with it. We all wish the same for Skyler!


I am from St G too and I am so happy to hear good news for you. We spent most of this year at Primary too. Luckily we are home now and hopefully for good. We feel good about it. You have a georgous boy and we will pray for your family!

Sonja said...

Crystal--it's funny. I Just found your blog and was reading through some of it thinking--wow! Here are some incredible people and then I checked my comments and saw yours. Your little guy is so courageous. I am going to be cheering for him and you now that I know about you!

Anonymous said...

I just cried with tears of joy for you both today... With all my heart I love this little fighter... crystal you are truly a woman of optimism, Hope, love, and every other virtuous thing a mom and woman can have. I look forward to meet you and walk with with you to help in finding a cure for childhood cancer. Our children show us how to be courageous, to find wonder in all things and to live like to its fullest. I have followed this blog for a very long time... May God bless you and i hope that the little penny gives him the wish he wants.

Briana said...

Hooray! I am so happy to hear the good news!! In spite of the fevers and nasty side effects, etc., Skyler really is looking so great. He has come a long way.

lindsay Roscoe said...

I KNOW that wish will come true!! Skyler you are the coolest toughest kid your size that I know! My dad always had to include the your size part so we all knew he loved us.
We are ALWAYS praying for you both!

cjmom said...

Hope all continues to go better. We pray for Skyler and his sweet mother.