Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday was a day I will never forget.  I got to watch as my son's dream came true.  His wish was granted and he got his very own Chuck E Cheese game room!  I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life.  This past year Skyler has been through you know where and back.  Way more than anyone should have to go through in a life time let alone a 5 year old.  As a mother, all you want for your children is to make everything better for them and to have them live a long, happy, healthy life.  I've had to just sit back and watch as my child lay there suffering and fighting for his life, knowing that there was nothing I could do to make him better or to take away his pain.  So to witness his wish come true and see him truly happy was amazing.  I knew Make-A-Wish was awesome.  I've seen other cancer friend's wishes come true and the joy that it brought to their lives but you don't fully understand just how great they are until it happens to your child.  We had the experience of having the best wish granters!  Mandi and Stephanie are amazing and I know that they were put in our lives for a reason.  It's like they had known Skyler forever and worked so hard to make this room perfect for him.  I cannot imagine anything being more perfect.  The room is amazing!  They made everything just right, even down to the little details.  There was so much to look at that I kept finding new things every time I looked around. 

 We weren't allowed to go to the house on Friday or Saturday morning while they moved everything in.  They said we could come over at three o clock.  That was sure a rough morning because he just couldn't wait.  We finally left 45 min. early and just drove around to get him out of the house.  When we got there the wish granters and my family were waiting for us.  They had the door to the room wrapped like a present and let him open it up.  I was shocked at how amazing it was and was overcome with pure gratitude.  I had to try hard to fight back the tears that were trying to come out.  I didn't want Skyler to think I was sad, he still doesn't get the whole happy tears thing.  There was so much stuff for him to look at that he just walked around in silence taking everything in.  Chuck E Cheese and his girlfriend Helen were there waiting in the room too!  They also had a balloon artist come, so she was there making everyone the coolest animal balloons I have ever seen.  She seriously was amazing, I didn't know people could do that kind of stuff with balloons.  Skyler loves animal balloons so this was perfect as well.  He has a whole section just for his Wii and Xbox games with a couch that pulls out into a bed, game chairs, and a big TV.  On Thursday they took him on his shopping spree to Gamestop to pick out $400 worth of games.  He was in heaven and got 16 new games.  That night was pure happiness for him!  They also put a stand up arcade game in with 100 games loaded into it. Again, so perfect for Skyler.  They also put an old coke machine in there full of our favorite drinks.  They have a whole section just like at Chuck E Cheese with prizes to get when they get a certain amount of tickets.  They had lots of games for him to win tickets with and a whole closest full of board games.  I thought Skyler owned every board game out there but no, our wish granters were amazing and got all new games he hasnt played before. They also put an actual table with booths in there for Skyler to eat pizza at, and also got him an oven and pizzas for him as well.  They also put a popcorn machine, snow cone machine, cotton candy maker and ice cream maker in there too.  They even had a ton of cool Chuck E Cheese stuff in the corner.  Another thing he really loved was a pool table that turned into an air hockey table, chess, and checkers table. Im sure Im forgetting something because there is just so much stuff.  If you know Skyler this room is his heaven.  He said "Wow there is more stuff than I ever imagined in here.  It is so cool mom!"  Also for one of his back up wishes he was going to wish for a vending machine in our house so that coke machine was awesome.  He said "Mom they made both of my wishes come true!!"  His cousins were there and they played in that room for hours.  Skyler had so much fun and his face was just lit up with pure joy. 

Here we are at Gamestop with our wish granters as Skyler went around and picked out whatever games he wanted

Ty came along too.  He is Skyler's game buddy!

This is us just getting out of the car to see the room.  He was so excited!!

About to go downstairs to see it...I love this face.  Look at those chubby cheeks he has now!

Mandi and Stephanie wrapped the door like a present and on the bow it said wish big.  He sure did!

Yes, my mouth is really open that big...haha  Just wait till the next picture and see how big my eyes got.  Super unsettling to see but thats just how surprised I was.  Skyler is so happy!

I told ya....

This is the section of the room with all the prizes.  It was full of neat things that kids love and all labeled with how many tickets you needed to get.  It was so cute and one of Skyler's favorite things about the room.

I love these girls!  They will forever hold a special place in my heart.

The awesome coke machine.  They put root beer in there for Skyler and diet coke for mommy.  This is one of my favorite things!

We love Chuck E Cheese and Helen!  It was really neat that they came back to be apart of the reveal.

I like this picture with his Make-A-Wish shirt on.  He is just so handsome.

They put game chairs in there that were the perfect size for Sky.  They have speakers in them so he can hear the TV through the chairs. 

He has always wanted a pool table so he was really excited about this too.  This is so cute to me because his dad liked pool too.

And of course my brothers went straight to the arcade game.  As Skyler would say, that thing is sweet!

 This is his Wii and Xbox section.  The couch and chairs are perfect and I love that they hung pictures of Skyler all over the walls.  He thinks its so awesome that he has a bigger TV than me. They also put a race car in there with a spot for his controller so he can play mario kart in a race car. 

I love this booth.  When you are sitting there you really feel like you are eating out at a restaurant.  Great for Skyler because he loves to go out to eat but we hardly go anymore.  Now he has his own little restaurant space in his room and an oven for all his pizzas.

The kids love this stuff.  Its all prizes and things that you would get at Chuck E Cheese.  It has some really neat stuff in there.  They had so much fun looking through everything.

I like this picture of him playing with his cousin with their Chuck E Cheese hats on.

Our sweet balloon hats!

They also got him alot of comic books.  He has been really interested in these because he saw them on TV once but has never seen one in real life.  Im so glad they gave him these too.

These are all the board games they got him.  You should have seen the look on his face when he opened this up.  He was so happy!

They had popcorn all made for us from his new popcorn machine.

They also had this cute cake for him and sang Happy Wish Day to the tune of happy birthday. 

I love this as well.  They gave him a ton of goody bags to hand out to all of his friends when they come to play in his room with him.  The kids loved them and he is so excited to hand them out to all his friends.

Like I said, Im sure I missed something because there is just so much stuff in there.  The room is truly amazing and perfect in every way for Skyler.  I cannot express in words how deeply grateful I am to Make-A-Wish and our amazing wish granters.  They brought so much joy into a little boy's life that was in desperate need of it.  All he has wanted is to go to Chuck E Cheese.  He loves it there, but I cant take him.  So Im so grateful that Chuck E Cheese was able to come to him and give him a space that is just his.  A place where he can touch whatever he wants and not have to worry about germs.  We have already made such good memories in that room in only a couple days, and I know we are going to make so much more.  Not only was Skyler's wish granted, mine was too.  I get to see my son truly happy again!


Eisha said...

AMAZING! So happy for you guys!

susi and adam said...

Wow!!! This was sooo fun to read!! What a perfect room. I can only imagine how incredible it was for you to see Sykler soooooo happy. Completely warms my heart! I want to have their job :)What a wonderful foundation Make a Wish is!!! Yay!!! That room is awesome!!!!!!

Brandi said...

What an amazing day for all of you. You both look so happy! This is a day you will never forget. Congratulations Skyler! You SO deserved this!

Jeannie Waters said...

I cried "happy tears" but Skyler couldn't see me. What a great day for both of you and best of all it can go on and on!

Tonya said...

I am so happy for Skyler!!! He totally deserves this! Enjoy Skyler!

Sonja said...

This totally made my day. Thanks for sharing! I'm so happy for you guys!

suzie said...

SOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAWWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMEE Skyler!!!!!!:) YOU have the COOLEST lucky ducky ;-), every boy would love that room, and......Skyler, YOU deserve that game room MORE than ANYBODY I know!! Your AMAZING SUPER DUPER SKYLER!

Your game room ROCKS buddy!


Lacy Allred said...

Skyler looks so flipping adorable in that gray jacket at Game Stop. Heart breaker right there;) I wish me and Skyler were friends, I want a goodie bag and some popcorn! Pretty sweet room, SOOOOOO happy for you guys.

Piano Mom said...

Truly an awesome wish and an awesome organization. I am so thrilled for you and for Skyler. This is just so amazing!!! Skyler is truly a miracle sent to brighten all of our lives.

Michelle said...

Parker wants to know if Skyler needs a playmate. Very cool room, I am so happy for him.

Erin said...

Wow, Make-A-Wish and your wish grantors did a phenomenal job with Skyler's wish!! What an awesome room. They really did think of everything.

Briana said...

crystal, this had me crying happy tears. MAW is SOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing! i'm so thrilled for you guys that skyler could have some of his dearest wishes come true. you guys totally DESERVE this! so happy! thanks for sharing - this brightened my day!

cjmom said...

So nice to have a place he can go and play and just act like a kid. That is so great!

Chelsea said...

I am in tears Crystal. This is AMAZING! I can't think of anyone more deserving than Sky. Love you both. XOXOX

Brice.TawniWilliams said...

Totally brought tears - what a fantastic dream come true!!

Kami said...

What a wonderful thing for Skyler. It is great to see him so happy! I have heard lots of good things about your sweet little boy. He deserves every bit of his fun game room!