Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anybody who really knows me knows that I LOVE Halloween.  Its such a fun holiday and one of my favorites.  I love decorating, finding our costumes, and who doesn't like a bunch of free candy?  This Halloween was extra special for me because last Halloween we spent it in the PICU.  I still got Skyler a costume and dressed him up though.   He was still pretty out of it at the time but I couldn't resist.  He had so many tubes and lines attached to him that I actually had to cut the whole back of it off and just lay it on him.  He was the cutest Scooby-Do I've ever seen!

I always like to let Skyler pick out what our costumes are going to be.  The year before he was diagnosed he decided he wanted to be batman and that I was going to be batgirl. 

This year Skyler has been really into Mario so he decided thats who he wanted to be and he wanted me to be Luigi.  Uncle Ty let Sky pick him out a costume for too and chose Wario for him.  Skyler was such a cute Mario and rocked his costume!  

Mine and Ty's were anything but flattering....

It was still fun to dress up and see Skyler's excitement when we were all in our costumes.  Im so grateful for Ty for doing this with us.

We were able to go to three places this year trick or treating.  Our first stop was my mom's work.  I love her work, and the people she works with have been so supportive of Skyler and they always have such awesome decorations and costumes.  We went on my mom's lunch break so she could go around with us.  Skyler's cousins were able to come too which made it extra fun for him.  My mom works in a call center with alot of people so I made Skyler wear his mask.  We put his sweet mustache on the mask if you cant tell what that is. 

Me and my Mario!  Our costumes came with inflatable belly's which we had fun bumping each other with.

Here are the kids going around to each person with candy. Skyler ended up with TONS of candy.  The part he loves the most about trick or treating is being able to pick out the kind of candy he wants.  He is super picky and would look through all of them to find the right one.

His favorites this year were pixie sticks and kit kats

Our next stop was trick or treating on Main St. with Skyler's other cousins Emma and Grace. Skyler loves them and was talking about going trick or treating with them all day. 

We bumped into Skyler's preschool teacher Tawni.  Im so glad we saw her, Skyler loves her and so do I.  Im so grateful for that one year he was able to go to preschool before he was diagnosed.

This is Skyler's Super Mario pose.  I had him wear a mask part of this time because we went up and down the street to all the stores and there were so many kids and too many of them were coughing.  It was so hard for me to let him just go up with all the kids to get candy while I sat back and watched, but he was having so much fun so it was worth it.  I figured he had gloves on for his costume and had a mask when there were swarms of kids, so I did my part to protect him but still let him have a fun experience with all the other kids.

Here are the kids with their loot.  Skyler got another bag full of candy.  He was in heaven!

Our next stop was back to our house to take him around the neighborhood.  I cant get this picture to flip but he sat here by the door waiting for other kids to start so he could go too.  He was just as excited about handing out candy to the kids as he was getting candy.  I let him hand out the candy by himself and he loved it.

Ty and my mom came over to take Skyler out with me.  Skyler had been walking around all day so by the time we went around the neighborhood he was worn out.  He still wanted to go to all the houses though even though it seemed like every house with the lights on had a lot of stairs for him to climb.  After about three or four houses of me helping him walk up the stairs I finally just started carrying him up and down.  It was quite a sight to see me with my big belly trying to pick up him with his big belly.  Somehow we managed but not without a lot of laughs.

We brought the stroller along because I knew he wouldnt be able to walk the whole way.  Ty called it his mario kart and drove him to all the houses.  I love this picture!

Skyler was so cute going up to the doors and saying "Trick or Treat and Thank you" all by himself.  I almost got teary eyed at one point thinking of how far he has come.  I cant believe it was one year ago that he was laying in a hospital bed unable to move on his own.  This little guy is my hero.  I hope to one day be as strong as he is. 

When we got home of course he had to count all of his candy.  Way too much candy for a child, but it was sure fun getting it.  It was so cute, whenever he saw a candy at a house that he thought either my mom, me, Ty or my dad might like he got those so he could give them to us.  He loves sharing and giving away things to make people happy as much as he likes to get things.  When we were getting our candy bowl ready to give out to the trick or treaters Skyler went into his room and grabbed a big bucket full of toys.  He said he was going to give these to the kids too to make them happy along with a piece of candy.  I love that sweet quality about him.

This day was definitely a success.  He kept saying how much fun it all was.  After we were all done he asked me how many more days there were until the next Halloween.  I told him 365 and he said "Sweet I cant wait!"



Erin said...

What a difference a year can make. It is so great to see Skyler all dressed up this year and hear about his trick or treating fun.

And your brother is pure awesomeness to dress up like Wario for Skyler. Just awesome!


susi and adam said...


Jordan said...

WOW!! The "Mario Kart" part brought tears to my eyes. You have such a sweet brother!! I am so excited for Skyler to be able to be trick or treating!! A year has made a huge difference, what an amazing boy he is!!
You all looked adorable with your costumes! Happy Halloween!

suzie said...

BEST COSTUMES BY FAR!!!! All three! But, I do have to say that little "mario" is the cutest mario there ever was! Seriously makes me smile from ear to ear and yet cry, but all in happiness for you and ur beautiful boy and how far Super skyler has come. He is my hero!



Lisa said...

This is the cutest post ever! Love that Mario! Wish I could have seen you in the neighborhood (I'm one house WITHOUT stairs). So happy for the progress the year has brought. Much love to you and Skyler and all your family!

Briana said...

he is an adorable little mario! i loved that "sweet, i can't wait!" exclamation of his. hehe. :) he is such a sweetheart.

it is thrilling to read about where you guys are this year compared to last year! woohoo!

Ashlee said...

I found your blog through lindsey hill, we went to jr high and high school together. I've looked at your blog a few times and have seen what you both have been through and how amazing your little man is. I don't have kids yet, and am newly married, and so I can't even fathom what the who of you have gone through (i don't think anyone can until they have to) but you and your little super hero are a HUGE inspiration. You are an amazing mother. And your little guy is a fighter!! I hope that things continue to improve and he keeps getting stronger. Thanks for your inspiration and strength.
I'm now an official follwer and not just a blog stalker =)

Chelsea said...

I am LOVING your costumes. Im so happy he got to be out in the world this year. I wish we would have seen you guys... come to our house next year!!

Brice.TawniWilliams said...

I seriously LOVED the costumes! Loved running into you two!!! What a great day!