Friday, October 28, 2011

My least favorite day of the week is dressing change day.  Im supposed to change Skyler's dressing once a week but his never stays on longer than four days so its more frequent than that.  This is Skyler's least favorite day of the week too because it hurts him alot.  I used to be able to do this easy by myself but the stitches that hold the line in place have been out for awhile so its easiest to have someone come and help hold the line in place or open things for me while Im holding it so I can stay sterile.  Uncle Ty came today so Skyler was really excited, he screams alot less when he is here.  He sure does love this guy.  He told me one day that Ty is his bestest friend in the whole world, then he said "Dont worry you're my second best friend mom."

As you can see those stitches are useless and the only thing holding that line in place is a little cuff in his neck, so the line has come out a little bit.  It still is in position though and draws back and flushes just fine for me.

He hates this part the most.  I have to scrub alcohol on the site and it hurts him so bad.  Plus when I take the dressing off its red and sore from that so that doesn't help either.  The times when I have had to do this by myself and there is no one there to hold his hand he screams bloody murder.  I'm surprised I haven't had the cops called on me yet. 

This part is the hardest for me as well.  I hate the fact that Im the one that's causing him pain.  I know Im doing it for his own good but it still breaks my heart and physically makes me nauseous when he starts screaming. 

After I let the alcohol dry I have to put cavilon around the edges.  This helps protect his skin and helps keep the dressing on a little longer.  It looks like Im putting it right on the site in this pic but Im just putting it around where the white part of the tape will go.  As you can see the crying has stopped and he has a relieved look on his face.  He likes this part the best because he says its soothing for him.

Finally Im ready to put the dressing on.  The whole ordeal only lasts about ten minutes but seems longer because after Im emotionally drained. 

Then we get to repeat this lovely process in four days.  Definitely not the funnest thing in the world.


Jami said...

Is Sky using his line still? Now that he is in maintenance, maybe they could place a port. Poor little guy...and poor momma! It's emotionally hard enough as a nurse changing a dressing, but I can't imagine having to do it every few days on my own child. You do such a fabulous job with him, though. Miss you guys!

The Hernandez Family said...

You are seriously amazing! What a wonderful mum you are!

susi and adam said...

awe... that was hard to read. I felt like crying. You have been through so much and so has Skyler of course. It is sooooo hard to see our little ones hurt and even worse when you are needed to help in the process of that. My Joseph fell when he was younger and cracked up his front tooth. I had to take him in on a Sunday and the dentist had to pull those pieces up in the root area out one by one. Because it was an emergency situation I had to be the nurse and literally be the straight jacket for my son. It was awful. I will never forget his little face and the terror on it and also gaining so much respect for him (he was 3) for being so brave. But it was awful! I am so sorry for all that you have had to endure. Most would have crumbled under the weight of your trial but you are incredibly strong. And you are a wonderful wonderful mom. :) Hugs and prayers for both of you! So glad Skyler has been doing so well (Sorry this is so long!!)