Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tonight we were able to go to our first HopeKids event.  Skyler was able to paint a pumpkin and do other fun Halloween crafts.  HopeKids organizes events for kids with life threatening illnesses and provides a way of healing through the power of hope and fun things to look forward to.  I have been waiting to take Skyler to one of these but never was able to because of the fevers he had for months.  Finally today he was feeling great and his counts are really good so we were able to go.  He was really looking forward to going and  talked about it the whole day.  We had a very sweet student who sat with him and helped him with his pumpkin and crafts the entire time.  Even though he was very shy and didnt talk you could tell he was really enjoying himself.  He especially loved the candy table and the volunteers that kept bringing him all sorts of treats!  Wish me luck trying to get him to sleep tonight.

I was so grateful for this girl that helped Skyler.  She was so sweet to him and made sure he was having fun.

   I love the back of our HopeKids shirts the best, it says got hope?

           The finished product!  He calls it his alien pirate pumpkin.

                   He also made a fun bat using his hand prints...

                                  ...and a couple fun masks.

Thank you HopeKids for making Skyler's night!

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