Saturday, October 8, 2011

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The Creating Hope Act is...
"...legislation that would incentivize pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for rare pediatric diseases, such as childhood cancers, that have not been developed in decades because they are not profitable ... the Creating Hope Act of 2011 ... would expand the cost-neutral Food and Drug Administration priority review voucher (PRV) program, allowing pharmaceutical companies to expedite FDA review of more profitable drugs in return for developing treatments for rare pediatric diseases.  Since 1980, the FDA has approved only one drug for treatment of childhood cancer, compared to 50 for adults."
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HERE on the Childhood Cancer Caucus Website)

Oh, boy! This is something we should be shouting out on our rooftops.
Finally, finally, finally something can be done to get more treatments for childhood cancer.

Our own Utah Representatives are not listed as supporting the the Creating Hope Act, but with a minutes time we could each hopefully get Utah's representatives in support of this important Act.  There is an easy on-line form that you can "fill-in" with a few sentences about why this is important to you and have e-mailed directly to our Representatives.

To get to the online "fill-in" form
It only takes a couple minutes and it will mean so much to me
Thank you

You can read the House Bill HERE

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Chelsie said...

This is such a wonderful thing and I am so excited about it.

I'm not certain, but I'll bet Rob Bishop supports the bill. He's a member of the Childhood Cancer Caucus. He might not be a co-sponsor of the bill, but I'll be he supports it as a member of the caucus. I'll find out for sure though and let you know.