Tuesday, September 14, 2010


For a few days now Skyler has been sportin a mohawk.  Now he is bald and beautiful...well....handsome as Skyler would want me to say!  I just can't get over how cute this kid is!
Here is a picture from Crystal showing how easily his hair just came out and how much.  This will be a lot more comfortable for Sky to not have hair getting stuck all over him.
Here are pictures from Crystal's cousin Lindsey of Skyler and Emma.  Skyler was very excited to have Emma there with him and was looking at her and wanted her to sit by him and have fun.  Lindsey mentioned that while they were having fun Skyler did not like that pictures were being taken of him and got a little upset.  But at least you can see that on Saturday he was sitting up and interacting with Emma.
Say Cheese!

Skyler went in for an MRI today and they found that the funal infection has not reached his brain or his eyes!  That's such good news!  They are now going to run more tests and we'll have a better idea of what's going to be happening soon.  Way to go Sky Dude!! 


Chelsea said...

Brittany- thank you for doing these updates. I think of Skyler and Crystal ALL day. I am SO SO SO glad you finally got some good news- Crystal.. you deserve it!

lots of prayers and love coming your way.

di said...

Dear Beautiful Crystal and brave, courageous, handsome Skyler - - My heart and prayers are with you both!

~ Diane Hawkes or Grandma Di-Di (to Cami Carver)