Saturday, September 25, 2010

These are all the machines that are attached to Skyler.  The pole on the left is full of all the medications that are being pumped into him.  The screen on the top is what I sit and watch all day long to see how he is doing, it shows his vitals and O2 status.  The machine next to that is his ventilator that is breathing for him right now.  And that big machine is the dialysis machine, and yes he is on that again.  (Its called James Bond)  So this is a scary and loud room to be in right now.

The Child Life people came in and made a poster all about Skyler so the staff can get to know him a little more.  The nurses also wanted me to bring in a picture of Skyler before he got sick so they could see what he looked like.  With all the extra fluid on him and with so many organs that arent working well right now (5 to be exact) he looks a lot different.  He looks about ten to me.  So anyway my sweet sisters went and made that cute poster of his pictures, and my cutie nieces and nephew made that other poster for him.  They drew such cute pictures :)  
Skyler I love you so much, and Im so proud of you!  You are such a fighter!  I love you with all of my heart!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Thank you so much for this post Crystal you are an amazing Mother!!  We love you and Skyler so much!


Michelle and Sean said...

Praying hard for you right now! Stay strong Crystal! You are doing an amazing job!

Keep holding on Skyler! We know you can do this, you are a fighter and I'm sure your mom can't wait to show you the rest of the world!!

jessicabeck1 said...

Just want you to know that my family and I are praying for you constantly. I am Pat Carver's (Cami's dad) sister and we feel a deep conection to you and Skyler. I admire your strength and hope that it helps to know that there are many people thinging of and praying for you.
Jessica Beck

lindsay Roscoe said...

I wish I could do something for you. I can't even begin to imagine what you could be going through. There are many praying for Skyler. I know there are no right words.

Chelsea said...

What a great idea. I LOVE the poster- you girls did a great job!! We are sending love and prayers up for your entire family.

Anonymous said...

Love the poster! It is so nice to see and be reminded of what Skyler is really like!
Natalie Carver

Amanda said...

Skyler, you are the cutest little guy EVER! What darling posters. I love the Cancer Fears Me Sticker. Millie and her cousins head an Alex Lemonade Stand on Saturday to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research and she kept yelling, "Lemonade 50 cents, CANCER FEARS ME". It's one of our favorite saying. Love you. Love Skyler. keep fighting.