Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skyler is still in the ICU and depending on the moment doing a little better.  He is on and off the Bipap (the mask over his face forcing a lot of air in his lungs and pulling it back out of his lungs). He has been fighting so hard and so they have been able to put him on just high flow nasal oxygen, but today he is back on the Bipap.  He had a very hard time breathing last night.  This morning his lung almost collapsed, but they were able to catch this before it happened and get his lungs functioning better. His chest X-Ray was looking better on friday.  His X-Ray's are supposed to be all black but Skyler's are mostly white (due to the infection and the pneumonia) with a few black spots.  They remained like that until today and now there is more white with very little black spots.  His White Blood Cell Count is coming up (YAY) and that is making him very sick.  His blood gases are also off so that is making him pretty Lethargic. He is on lots of morphine and sedated to make him more comfortable. He will probably stay like this for a few days.  The Dr's say that they expected this and that he has to get worse before he will start getting better.

Here is Skyler on the Bipap machine.  His skin on his upper body is looking so much better, although he is bruising a lot on his stomach.  His stomach has swollen up a lot because he is retaining the fluid again.
Skyler's form of comfort while in the hospital has been to put his fingers up by his mouth.  With this new breathing machine he is unable to do that.  It's also really hard to understand what he is saying while it is on.
Here is what it looks like walking into his room.  It's a scary thing to see with him hooked up to the machines but thank goodness for this technology to help him get better.
Not only is Crystal lucky to have such an amazing, stong little boy, Skyler is very lucky to have Crystal for a mother.  She has been by his side constantly for the past 5 weeks caring for his every need.  These two are with out a doubt a match made in Heaven!
Aunt Brittany and Uncle Todd saying hi to Sky.
Skyler gets uncomfortable and needs to be rotated throughout the day and night.  Though now they have to be extremely careful of his lung so it wont collapse.
Crystal's mom was able to spend the night in Skyler's room allowing Crystal to reserve this room and sleep on a bed for the first time in a month. 
Skyler you are doing an AMAZING job!!  Keep up the good work and fight fight fight!!  We all love you more than you know and are here supporting you!! 

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Anonymous said...

The strength that these two show every day, every moment is just amazing! Please know that a day doesnt go by that we dont think of you guys! :) Stay strong!