Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skyler had to go down to get another CT scan today.  They wanted to be able to check where the fungus has spread to and see if there were any other new infections or pockets of infections they havent been able to get to.  Usually when you are in the PICU and have to have tests done, they come up to you instead of moving the patient to other floors. They even do surgical procedures in here.  Its crazy to be sitting in the room with Skyler and have everyone in here all gowned up like in the O.R. and Skyler all covered up with the blue sterile towels and watch them cut into and sew up my boy in front of me!  But the CT scan machine is sooo huge that they cant bring that up so we had to go down to it.  I guess its a BIG deal transporting such a critically ill patient like Skyler.  It took an hour just to prep everything to go down there.  They packed his bed full of all the supplies needed and had to bring all the machines that he is on down with him.  It took a doctor, a Respiratory Therapist, a tech, and four nurses to transport him and stay with him. It was quite the process transferring him from his bed to the CT bed because of all the cords and tubes he has, and it took everyone helping to move him over.  I think it hit me more than ever watchin this process and seeing what a big deal this was just how sick Skyler really is. They keep saying "critically ill" and I hate it.  The good news though is that they didnt see anything new from the scan, so thats great! No news is good news at this point.  I was terrified that the infection had gone to his brain but that hasnt happened yet so I can breathe a little easier right now.

                       This pic shows them moving Sky out of his room.

This one you cant see very well, but its everyone crowding in the elevator together.  All the staff and machines made for quite the tight squeeze!  It was kinda funny and sad at the same time.

                 I love you Skyler.  You did so good today.  You are my little superhero!!!


Amanda said...

Your elevator shot reminded me of all the circus clowns jamming into 1 car. I'm sure that was quite the site. I am grateful for the good news and glad you can breath a little easier today. Hugs!
Amanda and Millie

ps. millie is dancing and singing, "Go, Fight, Win, Skyler, Go, Fight, Win".
We all think of you both constantly

Nancy said...

My heart goes out to you Crystal. Please know how much I love you and Skyler, and that I am always here for you. I am always thinking of you both and praying hard.
Love always,

Lindsey Hill said...

way to go skyler!!!!! No news is great news!!! Keep fighting little guy we love you with all our hearts!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is quit the site! You probably needed a little laugh! Nice to have a little sigh of relief! Stay strong! Know you are loved and thought of by many!
Love Natalie Carver

Chelsea said...

Im SO glad the infection hasn't spread! YAY Skyler!! I bet it was nice for both of you to get out of that room.. even if it was an ordeal ;) We are still thinking and praying for you both! XOXOX

Brie Larsen said...

you are a soopr hero love!!!!.