Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Here is one of the poisons.  Looks harmless right?  I wish!

Here is the other poison.  Its still hard for me to sit back and watch them put that horrible stuff into his body even though I know he wouldnt be able to live without it


A nice big bag of blood....does a body good!


They have to change Skyler's dressing everyday where they took his spleen out.  He hates it.  This is a picture of it a couple weeks ago...yucky huh?

This is it today, much better.

This is Skyler when they were done cleaning it.  He always gets so happy when they say they are done.



Anonymous said...

Crystal- I don't know you but i wanted you to know that i think you are incredible! You and Skyler have been though so much yet you have such a good attitude. Thank you so much for your example of perserving though whatever this life gives you! Please know that I look up to you and keep you and Skyler in my prayers!

Brady said...

It does my heart good to see him playing. I know how you feel about the chemo. I can't wait until Millie is done with chemo, yet I dread the day at the same time.

Amanda and I went and donated blood yesterday. It's such an easy thing to do and I wish that I had always done it. There are times these kids need it so bad and I'm so glad we were able to.

Keep up the good work. I'm amazed by you and by your super Skyler.

Millie's dad - Brady

Autumn Labarca said...


I kind of feel like I am stocking you, but I was on Jill's site and saw yours, I love reading your blog, it makes me feel so much more "normal" if there is a normal here! Your next door neighbor 4416 :)

lindsay Roscoe said...

He looks so happy! You are both amazing!

Amy said...

Glad to see he's hitting balloons with a light saver...may there be much more of that!:)
I remember those days of that chemo. I hated to see them give the chemo even more so when we were inpatient for secondary issues(infections), etc. It's definitely a love/hate relationship that i had.
We are praying that your Skyler continues to heal and get stronger:)

nsudburyfam said...

Boo to chemo, but if that nurse is Cathy, she was one of our faves! Kaidan absolutely loved her and Irish. Skyler is so cute. We love you guys. How are you feeling?

nsudburyfam said...

and I love that he's wearing those shoes in that last picture. One of my favorite things is when my boys are in their underwear with shoes on. I don't know why they do it, or why they think they need shoes on, but it's so cute. That picture just reminded me that Skyler is just a little boy! He seems so old to me because of everything he's been through and how strong he is.

Amanda said...

LOL! He makes me laugh. He really has the best smile ever. Love you and love that Skyler of yours.

Happy New Year! said...

Crystal and Skylar,
love reading your blog and staying updated. You two are SO amazing. I think about your little man a lot. Your in my prayers and Hope 2011 brings your family NOTHING but great things!!!