Monday, August 22, 2011

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  The good part is that today is the start of Skylers LAST round of inpatient chemo before maintenance!  The sad part of today is that instead of starting his first day of Kindergarten today, Skyler is at a hospital getting large amounts of chemotherapy pumped into his little body.  This is not what I had envisioned for my little boy when he was old enough to start Kindergarten.  I know I said a couple months ago that Skyler would be able to go to school this year but after ALOT of thought and debate I have decided to hold him back a year.  I know it was the right decision but its still hard.  I made this decision based on the fact that he still isnt in maintenance yet and we are still battling these unknown fevers.  He still wouldnt be able to go the full year anyway because I would keep him home during flu and respiratory season.  Also, he has basically lived this past year in a bubble so his social skills are a little behind, and I want him to have this year to let his body heal from the very traumatic things it has gone through.  My goal is to get him back out into the real world and to have fun and play and socialize with other kids.  It will also give him a year to get his walking back where it was so he can keep up with the other kids.  Also, next year he would be the oldest in his class instead of the youngest and I heard that boys tend to do better when they are in the older part of the class.  I feel good about this decision even though it was a tough choice to make.  

               Getting chemo today with a smile on his facce

On Saturday I really wanted to do something fun with Skyler before we were admitted this week so I took him mini golfing.  He absolutely LOVED it!  He usually tires very easily and cant walk very far especially in the heat that he has become so sensitive to, but he walked the whole way.  Even up and down big hills and curbs.  This was the best physical therapy for him.  I know he pushed himself harder because he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  He is actually a pretty good golfer, alot better than mommy who hit hers into the water.  Grandma, grandpa and uncle Ty were able to come too which made it all the more fun for him, especially because his best buddy Ty was there.  It was so fun to get out and forget about cancer for the night and to see his smiles and laughs!

(Sorry in advance about the loud wahoo, sometimes I forget that Im recording haha)


Ricci said...

Crystal, have you looked into any home school programs? There are so many out there, you could do kindergarten and do the tests and then by next year he could be ready to go to 1st grade. You guys have been on my mind alot this past year, I am so glad you have been updating your blog, I feel like I know your little guy and my heart goes out to all you have been through! My sisters talk about you all the time, and just know that we all care about you guys!

Erin said...

What a tough decision to make, holding him back this year, but you have great reasons for doing so. Skyler will be in a much better place next year and will be able to enjoy school.

In Canada, Kindergarten isn't mandatory. Could Skyler spend this year working on feeling better and building some social skills and still join in with the grade 1 class next year?

Anonymous said...

Making these decisions for our children is always hard. But I honestly think you are doing the right thing. My son's birthday is Aug. 29 so he barely made the cut off. At the last minute I decided to hold him back and I think it was the best decision for him. By the next year he was more socially ready and really enjoyed Kindergarten, where the year before I think he would have hated it. I truly hope Skyler can go to Kindergarten next year and have the best time. Kindergarten is such a fun year for kids! Maybe you could find him a little preschool where there are less kids and less germs that he could enjoy a couple days a week to help get him ready!

ana said...

I made the same decision for my daughter regarding pre-kindergarten, and she is half way through maintenance and doesn't have any of the complications that Skyler has. I'm trying to teach her as much stuff as I can at home, but bottom line, keeping her alive and healthy is the most important thing. You made the right decision for your son and his situation, you are an AMAZING mom!!

Melissa said...

My brother and I were both held back a year. I'm sure it was a tough decision, but he'll LOVE being the oldest in his class and it'll be even better when neither of you have to worry about him getting sick!

Amber said...

I held tucker back when we started out with this whole cancer game... and it was the best decision i made... that next year he was stronger & ready to rock and roll..
Amber & Tucker