Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday was a much better day.  Skyler slept in until 3:30 in the afternoon, I still had to get him up every two hours to pee but he zonked right out again when I layed him down.  He didnt even flinch when all the doctors and nurses came in to check on him and to talk to me.  I admit, it did worry me but when he woke up he was as happy as ever.  Right after he woke up he said "Man I was tired, I guess I need some blood!"  It was so funny.  Its amazing how much medical knowledge he has now, whenever he is extra tired he always knows he will end up getting a blood little guy.  I guess since he had such a rough night before, and since he was receiving alot of chemo that his body was just worn out and needed all that sleep.  He hasnt had any bad headaches today which is nice and hasnt had to have any pain again.  When he does get morphine or oxycodone though he is the funniest, happiest kid and always comes up with a new reason why he got cancer and how they can get rid of it.  Monday he told me he knew the reason why some of his friends have cancer in their brain.  He said there is a little opening in your forehead that the cancer goes in and to get it out they have to give them the sleepy medicine, put a syringe into their head a suck it out.  Then they can get all better and be happy again.  Man, I wish it was that simple.

Through the night last night he started having really irregular heart rates.  It would drop low into the 40's but then jump up into the really high 100's.  Today they have him hooked up to the EKG monitor so they can monitor his wave forms for 24 hours before they consult cardiology about it.  I hope its nothing serious, but some of these drugs can cause heart problems.

Also, I havent mentioned this before but during our last admit Skyler broke out in a rash all over his body.  They are just little bumps all over his body and they havent gone away.  They had the dermatologist come look at it today and she thinks it looks like Scurvy.  Yes, I said Scurvy....weird huh?  It sounds like a pirate disease.  Its cause by low vitamin C so they are going to test him for that this afternoon.  I highly doubt that its that but Im not the expert so we will see.


Michelle and Sean said...

Continued prayers for Skyler and you!! I'm glad he is feeling a little better.

Sorry he understands everything so well and knows more than kids should know.

Katie said...

You don't know me but I've followed Skyler and your journey for months now. My son was also diagnosed with ALL last July. I think of you guys all the time and pray for you and Skyler. You both are so remarkable people. I've only posted a few times but I want you to know that there are people out there praying and cheering you guys on.

mom to Jacob (5) dx 7.28.2010