Monday, May 28, 2012

On Friday Skyler and I had the wonderful opportunity to watch the Thunderbirds air show at Hill Air Force Base with Make-A-Wish.  I was really excited for this mostly because men in uniform aren't so bad to look at..haha.  I have never seen the air show before so I didn't know what a treat we were in for.  We all met in a parking lot and then were transported onto the base by bus.  They had special seating for us right up close to everything.  It was truly one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  They even pinned a Thunderbirds pin on each of the wish kids and gave them each a cool little airplane.  Skyler was in heaven and said this was the bestest day ever!  After the show was over the pilots and his crew came over and signed autographs for the kids.  They were all so nice and it was amazing to see all the kids faces light up.  Since Skyler is so shy around new people I didn't think he would want to go up and get autographs, but he walked up to each pilot all by himself and stood with his book out until they signed it.  It was so funny and super cute.  I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to go to the air show and for the kindness everyone showed us.  Make-A-Wish sure knows how to put smiles on kids faces!!  And the Air Force sure knows how to put a smile on mine :)

This was on the bus ride up there.  It was his very first time on a bus so he was really excited.

                    Watching the AMAZING air show!!

I didn't even think about bringing him sunglasses so here he is sporting mine and his good looking ear plugs.  It was so loud.

        Here he is getting his pin.  He is so proud of that thing.

I absolutely LOVE this picture!  His smile is priceless and he was so excited to be able to get his picture taken with him.  He hates getting his picture taken so you can tell just how cool he thought this was.

One of the neatest things for me was learning that one of the pilots was a girl.  I think that is the coolest thing.

Aside from the air show Skyler has had a rough week.  He is having alot of major headaches and leg pain.  He has also been nauseous on and off.  I have had to give him pain medicine around the clock and he usually wakes up needing a barf bucket.  Last night I even had to carry him into the bathroom because he couldnt walk by himself.  I just dont know what to make of it.  He isnt fevering so I havent had to take him in, but Im getting really worried.  I know vincristine can cause leg pain but that doesnt explain the headaches.  I hope its just some sort of virus and things will go back to normal pretty soon.  Its really hard seeing him sick and in so much pain.  He told me today "Mommy I wish cancer didnt even exist."  I cannot tell you how much I wish that also. 

Today we were riding in the car on the way to pick up some donations for our garage sale and I was explaining to him about why we are doing the walk and why the money we raise is going to go to the scientist to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  After I was done he said to me "I think I should write the scientists a note and say..Are you done yet?  It was so funny yet sad at the same time.  I wish they were done finding a cure also, and I so badly wish it had been before Skyler knew so personally the meaning of pain and suffering. 


charity said...

sounds like he enjoyed the air show. hope his pain goes away soon

Briana said...

That picture of Skyler and the airman is too much. He is positively beaming and it's great to see. I love Make A Wish!!