Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am way too exhausted to really write much about clinic today so Ill let the pictures do alot of the talking.

We first started off getting Skyler's weight, height, temp and blood pressure

He used to hate getting his blood pressure taken but he is so used to it now that its a piece of cake for him.

Then they sent us back to the infusion room to start platelets.  He looks zoned out in this picture.  We both did not sleep well last night but when he finally got to sleep I had to wake him up to go to clinic.

Thank goodness for platelets and the people who donate them!  Hopefully this transfusion will help his bruise situation, he is covered in them.

I had to bring a couple IV antibiotics from home so we had those running in his other lumen.  The whole five hours we were there he was attached to numerous things.  With blood products they constantly have to watch his vitals so he was hooked up to the pulse ox and blood pressure cuff the whole time too.  He got alot happier though when we were able to get back to a room and get him his veggies.

The happiness didnt last too long though because he had to get those nasty PEG shots soon after.  He also had to get chemo in his line (Vincristine) as well as in his legs.  He is so sad in this picture.

He really likes the warm packs after so that helped him alot.

His PA Robert came in and gave him a couple silver dollars after though which made him so happy.  Yesterday Skyler actually said hi to him by the elevators so he gave him a dollar then too,  he was so excited about it.  I am so grateful for Robert.  He really does care for Skyler and he will bend over backward for him.  I cannot tell you how much this means to me to have someone at clinic that really is there for us and listens to me, I mean really listens.

He also got blood today too.  We had quite the exhausting day today because we were there for so long and didnt sleep well the night before, but he got things that he really needed today which I am grateful for and I can already see a big difference in him.  

Next week is our LAST week in this phase.  Then we will start the next phase of high dose methotrexate (which will be inpatient) in two weeks.  This will be the last phase before maintenance.  As scary as this phase is going to be its one step closer to maintenance.  Yay!


Michelle and Sean said...

I'm so glad you are starting to see a difference in him from the blood and platelets.

I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. I'm so excited he is so close to maintenance! Praying this last stage will go well.

Eisha said...

Wow! So close!! you guys should do make a wish during maintenance!

Plain Jame said...

Maybe you get this question all the time, and maybe you have answered it before, but how do people donate platelets?

susi and adam said...

What a brave little boy! and a very tough momma. Your almost there. Hugs!!

Erin said...

Skyler must be feeling tons better after getting some fresh blood yesterday. Hopefully his poor bruised legs will heal up quickly.

Is that the last of the PEG shots?

Big hugs to you both, you're so close to maintenance!!

Erin & Nolan

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are one step closer to maintenance. He looks amazing and you are such a stromg mom to an extremly strong son. Both of your strenght amazes me.