Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We had clinic today and Skylers liver counts are good!!  What a relief I have been so worried about that.  His temp has still been hanging out anywhere between 99.5 and 100.0 the last four days, but he hasnt hit 100.3 yet (which they consider a fever) so thats really good too.  His platelets only went from 7 to  15 though so he will need another platelet transfusion as well as a blood transfusion because his hematocrit is also low.  He was scheduled today to get Vinc and the PEG shots but they didnt want to give him the shots with his platelets so low because of bleeding and they didnt want him getting hematomas.  The chemo and transfusions together will take over 5 hours so we decided to reschedule for tomorrow because I had to get him back home to hook him up to his antibiotics.  His mouthsores seem to be getting worse everyday and he has started vomiting alot but those are side effects we can handle.  They definitely arent fun especially for a little five year old but Id take that over liver issues again.  Thank you all for your prayers.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful support system! 

As I was writing this I heard Skyler downstairs talking to his cousin.  He called up to me to help him up the stairs because its still extremely hard for him to go up the stairs by himself, and his cousin said "I wish someone would help carry me up the stairs."  Then I heard Skyler tell her "Dont worry, when you get cancer my mommy will help you too k"  It made me chuckle but its kind of sad at the same time.  Cancer is just his normal so he thinks its everyone else's normal as well.  He always asks me things like "When you were little and had cancer did your central line hurt too?" or "Were you so happy when you got your central line out and didnt have cancer anymore?"


Briana said...

i'm glad his liver counts are doing ok! that is a relief! but sorry about all the transfusions and awful side effects - poor little guy! he sounds like he must be just miserable! this is the last PEG shot, though, right? that's exciting!

Anonymous said...

oh,, my.. your angel is so amazing, thank you for sharing that story of skyler and his cousin. You are the best little mommy,, he is so very lucky to be your little boy. And thank goodness his counts are better. you both are doing great,,, keep fighting

zachs momm