Sunday, May 29, 2011

On Friday our home health nurse came to draw an Amikacin level (one of his antibiotics)  I asked her to draw a CBC as well to see what Skyler's counts where.  I was worried his platelet level didnt come back up after his transfusion because his bruising is not getting any better.  Just as I thought they were 17.  I hear that transfusions are not uncommon during this phase so Im hoping they will start going back up when we are done with DI.  Also I was told his ANC would be dropping and boy were they right, he is neutropenic.  His ANC is now .1  A normal ANC is anywhere from 3000 to 5000, his is 100.  That means he basically has no immune system right now.  His ANC has not been that low since he was in the ICU.  The thing that scares me the most about this is that his fungal infection is more likely to activate again because he has no "good guys" to keep it away.  This could mean trouble so Im hoping his counts can recover quickly.  Its also no fun being stuck in the house because we have to stay away from crowds.  Thank goodness this phase will be over with this week!

A couple weeks ago Skyler and I were able to get our pictures taken by an amazing photographer, Jessie Oberg Photography.  I really wanted to get some more picture of him before his hair grew back because this is the last time he will lose it.  If you want to check some of them out just click on this link below.


suzie said...

Can't help but cry! For numerous of reasons......first I just can't believe all ur skyler has to continue to go goodness...he is kept in our prayers and on the az temple prayer roll. Second, bc those pictures are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT, but just tugged at my heart strings bc of the amazing bond, love and comittment between the two of u........what I always say.....DYNAMIC DUO!

*suzie. We think about u and ur skyler daily and remember him in r prayers!

amber said...

Both of you are just perfect. Those pictures captured him in such a wonderful light and I agree, I ended up in tears. Just that smile. The picture with the sidewalk chalk was great.

Keep fighting. I check this every day and always ask my sister is she read it yet for the day.

Pia said...

hi. i'm new here. i got here through beth's blog.

my father has cancer too. we are currently here in china for his treatment. his immune system improved a lot because of immunotherapy. i'm no expert, but please google Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou China. you might get some ideas there. pray about it.

i'd like to share with you our experience here at Fuda. but here's the link of what dad's treatments were.

i pray skyler gets well soon. i see how brave he is.


hembrookadelman said...

Love the photos! LOVE them!! The sidewalk chalk is perfect, and by the last photo, my co workers were all asking why I was crying!

Chelsie said...

Ugh, low counts are really no fun at all. The weather is supposed to be nice, so hopefully you can go outside!

I hope his counts recover soon!

Susi said...

the pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! He is so adorable and girl you are such a hottie!!! Amazing you can look so good even under so much stress :) Just sayin! Praying for Skyler!

Jessie said...

All these comments make me smile. Not because I feel like they're complimenting me but because I'M SO HAPPY I was able to capture the happy side of your sweet boy. And they're right, you're seriously a hot mama. Everyone I show the pictures to talks about how pretty you are! Skyler is definitely in my prayers now and you two have made such an impact on my life. Yay that this rough phase is just about through!