Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday Skyler turned 5!  I cant believe how fast by little boy is growing up.  This birthday was special because birthdays now take on a whole new meaning in the world of cancer.  I will never again take for granted a birthday.  The best part was that we were able to celebrate this day at home instead of a hospital room.  On his actual birthday we celebrated it with just family.  We opened presents, had an Easter Egg Hunt (because he missed doing this on Easter) and had cake.   Today we had a birthday party for him with cousins and some friends.  Skyler LOVES games so we decided to do a carnival party.  We had games, a pinata, cotton candy, snow cones, presents, face painting and another cake ( Im sure I went overboard in the sugar department)  The weather didnt cooperate with us and it rained when we were trying to do games, so we went in for presents and then were able to go back outside again when it stopped.  Overall it was a success and Skyler said he had alot of fun and was glad friends could come over.  Skylers counts will be dropping low soon so Im glad we were able to celebrate turning 5 with his friends before they drop.  It was kinda of a reality check though seeing Skyler along side alot of friends around the same age and seeing what a toll cancer has taken on his body.  His body may not be up to par yet but his mind and spirit are as sharp as ever.  He is such a bright kid, and like any other kid he just wants to have fun.  It was so good seeing him enjoy himself and seeing him interact with other kids.  His cousin Emma just wanted to hold his hand alot of the time and he loved it.  It was just so cute. 

Happy Birthday Skyler!!  I love you with all of my heart.  You continue to amaze me everyday with your strength and courage.  I learn so much from you everyday.  You are my hero and always will be.  You fought so hard to make it to this milestone and Im so proud of you.  Heres to an easier year filled with fun and laughter!

Warning: Picture overload

Yay Skylers 5 today!

This is his new toy.  He said he was too scared to ride a bike right now because he didnt want to fall so I got him this jeep so he could still get around outside and have fun.

Such a handsome birthday boy!

He even took if off road...atta boy

He took his cousins for a ride and they had alot of fun.  I love this picture!

This was the Easter Egg Hunt he was finally able to do

Yummy birthday cake

This was one of the games we had at his party

Nice throw bud!

Another game...

He sure loved present time!

I had to put this picture in because he just looks so grown up

We played this parachute game while it was still raining outside

My brother did face painting for the kids.  It was his first time and he actually did awesome

After alot of the kids had a turn at the pinata it fell so my sister held it up so more kids could hit it.  I love the look of fear on her face!

As soon as the candy fell Skyler dove to the ground.  I havent seen him move like that since being diagnosed.  I guess you will do anything for candy right?


At the end of the party he had to let these balloons go up to heaven for daddy so he could have fun too


Annie said...

Awwww, these pictures of Skyler so happy brought me to tears!

suzie said...


You are the most SUPER DUPER AWESOME, RADICAL,STUPENDOUS, CUTE, SWEET, STRONG, COURAGEOUS, COOL, AMAZINGLY REMARKABLE little boy!!! Your bday party looked like the funnest birthday parties I've ever seen!! I loooove ur awesome new jeep...u look like a cool dude in it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a lil boy, lil girl and a mama that thinks the WORLD of u and feel honored to even b able to have the chance to read about you!

*suzie, AND kiddos

The Armga Family said...

Happy 5th Birthday Skyler!! Your party looked so fun, and we're so happy you had a great day celevrating your special life!!

ana said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!!! May your every wish come true, you certainly deserve it!!!!

Chelsie said...

So glad he had such a perfectly normal birthday! Home with family and friends. I'm sure your heart was about to burst!

Happy Birthday Skyler!

Lindsey Hill said...

What a fun day!!! Im so glad sky was able to have his birthday party just the way he wanted! We love you!!! Emma had a blast and said that a carnival party is the best idea ever!

Brandi said...

What a fun day for all of you and I'm so glad you were able to have his party at home! Happy Birthday Skyler!

kate said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!!!!

Erin said...

Happy 5th birthday Skyler! What a great looking party.

May all your dreams come true.

Erin & Nolan

Katie said...

Happy 5th Birthday Skyler!!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!!! Glad you were able to celebrate with family and friends. May all your wishes come true, I can't think of anyone who deserves them more.

Briana said...

what a beautiful sight! i'm so glad he was able to be at home and have so much fun! his birthday looks awesome - i'm taking lessons from you. :)

happy birthday skyler!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for all of you. Happy belated birthday to Super Skyler!!!

Miss Deja said...

Happy Birthday Super Skyler! Your party looks like so much fun! My dad is in heaven too and I send balloons to him on my birthday also! Happy B-day Bud!

-a friend from Louisiana

lindsay Roscoe said...

I love seeing the pics with him surounded by so many other kids. What a lucky boy to have so many family and friends loving and supporting him. It does my heart good to see that you are outside sitting on the grass just enjoying a day. Prayers always!
Happy Birthday a few days late Skyler!!
Rosoce, Lindsay, Cyndell, Lillian, Jager, Oliver and Oscar