Friday, May 6, 2011

This morning Skyler went in for another CT of his lungs to look at the nodules.  The scan showed they are stable and unchanged.  I was hoping and praying that they would have shrunk because his fevers have gone away, but at least they havent gotten any bigger and for that I am very grateful.  We go back in on Tuesday for a lumbar puncture where they will take out spinal fluid and replace it with chemo.  Then we will head back up to clinic where we will start the second half of this phase.   The chemo he will be getting that day is Ara-C and Cytoxin.  Then for the next three days I will be giving the chemo to him at home.  Just another IV med I will be adding to the list, the only difference is I will be wearing the lovely chemo attire and injecting poison into my son.  Im getting to where I could do this in my sleep!  Thats ok I actually enjoy being able to do the things he needs at home.  Never in a million years did I think I would be where Im at now.  Accessing Skyler's line to give multiple antibiotics and chemo just come second nature now.  Sometimes I forget what it was like before cancer.  What did we do?  How nice would it be to have the biggest worry of my day be deciding what to do for dinner.  Its crazy how fast life can change.  Yesterday we had lunch on a blanket in the front yard then he played with a couple toys outside for a little bit (not too long because he tires easily) but just doing those things was a BIG deal and a huge accomplishment.  Im also getting so used to seeing him without hair that when it did grow back it was weird for me.  Today I wanted to go get a registration form to fill out for him to start kindergarten and found out that everyone had gone home at 3:00.  My first thought was "thats weird shouldnt they stay open later for the kids that have to get chemo and CT's that day?"  Silly thought but thats really what went through my head.  Oh the joys of childhood cancer.

                    Here are some cute pictures from our day yesterday.


suzie said...

He is just the CUUUUUUUTEST boy EVER!!!! Oh and crystal.........that's awesome hw vocal u r for the sake of ur son.......the only way to be!


Piano Mom said...

I love the pictures and I LOVE that he is outside playing and that he is getting signed up for kindergarten. It is nice to have a few "normal" things amongst the craziness of cancer.

I keep thinking about how easy Skyler gets sick and about his nodules on his lungs. Erin used to get mysterious nodules on her lungs. The CT scans were usually 3 weeks apart, but by the 3rd week her nodules would have shrunken down. It happened with the last 4 rounds of chemo we did. I once read (wish I could give you a definite source) that ARA-C can cause lung issues. Erin's ARA-C doses were very high and some AML kids couldn't even do the last round of chemo because their lungs couldn't handle the ARA-C. I always assumed that Erin's mysterious nodules were a reaction to the ARA-C. Maybe it's the case for Skyler. In any case, I am so happy he is home and I hope that the nodules dimish quickly!

Schmitt Family said...

Just know how much we love you guys! You are both Amazing!!!

lindsay Roscoe said...

These are my most favorite pics so far ever!! Happy Mothers day!!