Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I cannot believe how fast a month goes by lately.  Today we headed back up to clinic for more chemo and an LP.  I was really looking forward to it actually because I was so curious what his counts were.  I have basically been letting him be just a normal kid going places and playing with friends so I was hoping his counts weren't bottomed out or something.  To my surprise they came back too high.  His ANC was 4.0 way higher than it should be, so they raised his oral chemo dosage back up to 100%.  All of his other numbers were just where they should be though so that's great.  They even had his Vincristine ready to push before we went down to RTU so that was great too.  I love not having to drag a sleepy grumpy child back up to clinic after an LP just for a little push of Vinc.

While we were waiting for our turn in RTU, our favorite child life specialist Lindsay came to play with Skyler and keep him entertained while we waited to go back.  Lindsay is still the only person up at the hospital that Skyler will talk to and interact with.  All the nurses and doctors try so hard to get Skyler to talk to or even just smile and them but he wont budge so its wonderful to see him talking and having fun with someone else besides me while we are there.  We got lucky with a great anesthesiologist too who was really great with Skyler.  When he came back to get us he told Lindsay she could come back too and Skyler actually let go of my hand and ran back to the room.  Yup I said ran!  He normally has me carry him back there and buries his head on my shoulder because he gets really nervous and scared right before.  Today was so different though, I was amazed watching him.  It was like I was looking at a different kid.  He also just got up on the table and started playing with Lindsay and the nurse and and didn't even really pay attention to me.  I have always held him in my arms while he falls asleep but today he just sat there and played up until the moment he fell asleep.  It was great and I took the opportunity to record him.  Here is just a little part of that video when he falls asleep.  I just want everyone to see how fast it is and how it is such a different atmosphere than the O.R.


suzie said...

I just love you two.....and I truly, really do mean that (even with the fact I don't "know " u guys) ....ur super skyler is ALWAYS...and I mean ALWAYS remembered in my little family's prayers. Skyler truly is a remarkable little boy with a spirit that just Radiates!!!!
Always on our minds,


Anonymous said...

Skyler is looking so good! I'm glad this clinic trip was easy and he had a lot of fun. I hope he continues to run around like a regular little boy!

Erin said...

Skyler looks great and it's so nice that he's been able to play with friends like little boys should be able to do. Hopefully being on maintenance and not going through so many tough things will be a new beginning for Skyler and he will start to be a little less afraid of his appointments.


Tonya said...

So happy for the two of you that things have been going so well. You both deserve this!!He looks wonderful and we hope that things continue to progress for Skyler!

Becca said...

He looks awesome!! I love coming to your blog and seeing the good moments too. Hopefully these monthly visits can be as good as this one. It's nice to see them not be so scared and comfortable in these scary places. Ellie always calls it "my hospital" and is so good with the docs, that is until they pull out the white gloves.