Friday, January 20, 2012

I was going through some stuff today and found this poem I wrote back when we were in the hospital, so I thought I'd share. 

Holding you in my arms so tired and weak,
I never thought this would be your world
So weary and bleak.

You are supposed to be running laughing and having fun,
Not laying in a hospital bed away from everyone.

Your skin should be vibrant and glowing with tousled sun kissed hair,
Not pale bruised and sunken or a head without hair.

The noise I hear from your room should be giggles and squeals,
Instead I hear machines beeping and humming
And squeaks from IV pole wheels.

An owie for you should be a little scraped knee,
Not big wounds, scars or stitches and pokes so frequently.

This monster called cancer has taken a lot from you,
Taken part of your innocence and childhood
A fact I wish wasn't true.

But Skyler there are things that cancer cant touch.
It cant touch your smiles, your tender heart, or that positive attitude I love so much.

It cant touch the way you make me laugh,
Or the way you make me smile.
It cant touch your courage, your strength and inner light that shines bright for miles.

Yes, cancer can be scary and hard or leave you feeling blue,
But you have turned it around and made cancer FEAR YOU!

I love you my son,
You make my world oh so bright.
We are in this together,
We will win this fight.



Terra said...

I found this blog linked from a craft blog I found. Anyway, I just wanted to send you virtual-hugs and well wishes! I am a long term survivor of ALL Leukemia, and can tell you that the fight is so worth it! I was diagnosed in 1987, when I was 3, and feel so fortunate to make it so many years. It sure sounds like you are doing such a wonderful job helping your son through everything! You are a super mom, it's a hard thing to live with, so keep going! Any way, I just wanted to share with you how inspiring you are, as hard is it is to read some of these posts and remember going through similar things, it helps me understand better what my parents may have had to go through. This journal/blog is so valuable, and I hope that some day your son can look back and read all of these things and really know how blessed he is to have the family support that you all give him! I can tell you from experience, I forgave my parents for the hurt they caused changing all that stupid dressing ;) Don't worry, your love will make all those memories better! Anyway, keep up the awesome work super mom. It gets better!

Sharp Family said...

Wow I have chills!!! Very very beautiful!! You are amazing. I hope you have continued blessings in this journey!!

Perry's said...

What a great job you did. you are an amazing mom. My mom starts chemo on Tuesday. It is scary to watch my mom go through this. I can't imagine watching my children. You're doing a great job.

Tonya said...

What a beautiful poem! Skyler is truly blessed to have a wonderful mother by his side.

lindsayjp said...

That is an amazing poem Crystal. I am grateful you shared it with us.