Monday, January 23, 2012

Skyler had another first the other day.  He walked down the stairs at my parent's house all by himself!  This is such a huge accomplishment for him.  Because of all the chemo his little body has received and from laying in bed for five months straight his bones are so weak.  He has lost so much bone strength especially in his ankles which cause him constant pain.  He tries so hard to push through it though so he can be like every other kid but I can tell he is in so much pain when he walks. 

When he first started to be able to go down the stairs it was just sliding on his bum or crawling.  Lately he has been able to walk up and down the stairs with help from me or holding onto the wall or railing, but the other day was the very first time he went down the stairs without any help.  He usually cant even step off a curb all by himself so this was awesome!  Here is the video of it (sorry about my annoying scream at the end)


Briana said...

ah, makes my heart so happy!! way to go skyler! he is such a miracle!

Tonya said...

That is so awesome!! Please tell Skyler we are all so proud of him and his accomplishment. Way to go Skyler, you are amazing!!!

Holly said...

Yay, Skyler! Great job!