Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clinic today went great, well besides the horrific drive in the storm.  Skyler's platelet count was 187.  That means no transfusion again today, holy cow its been over a week since he had his last transfusion.  Definitely a miracle!  His bili is still going down so they decided to start him on a new chemo called Vincristine.  This can be harmful to your liver so they only gave him half a dose to start with.  They usually also give another chemo with it, but they are just going to give him the Vincristine alone this week because if it does effect his liver and his bili count goes up then they will know which drug did it.  Please send up an extra prayer that his liver wont take another hit.  I hate that most of these drugs can damage the liver.  You HAVE to have a liver and if it gets damaged too badly, cancer kids arent eligible for liver transplants.  Pretty frustrating stuff.  My biggest fear is that his body wont be able to tolerate the full doses of these drugs, so it would be more likely that he would relapse....ugh! 
Overall he is doing well.  Im working with him on standing right now.  He has been so afraid to even try so its been a slow process.  He can stand with his walker on the edge of the couch, and a couple of times he has stood without touching the couch at all.  Go Sky!  I started a standing/walking chart for him, so he gets a prize for standing a certain amount of times.  He seems pretty excited about this so hopefully he will be more motivated.  It will be amazing when he can start walking again.  Strange though because I havent seen him walk for so long, but amazing.

                                                                        My little scooby

It was my brother's birthday on the 22nd so we did a pirate party for him.  My mom made a treasure hunt for him and Skyler was super excited for it because he already had his pirate stuff.  Happy Birthday bro!!


Jen Beckstrand said...

Best Pirate Party I've ever been to! Love you two! Let me know when I can come play cards with Sky again. :)

Chelsea said...

Skyler looks so great standing up! I am so proud of that little guy. He will get it before you know it. I think about you guys all the time. Love you both! XOXOXO

Michelle and Sean said...

Praying things go well with this new chemo!!

So happy to see how well he is doing!! What an amazing little boy!!

cjmom said...

Yea for good platelets! He is looking so good! Our prayers are with you as always.

Becca said...

He is looking so good! He has come so far. We will keep him in our prayers that his liver keeps up. Ellie's liver has gone to the edge and back a couple times. Hope things continue to get better.

Becca-Ellie's mom