Monday, January 31, 2011

I learned a very valuable lesson the other day....dont leave your child who is just barely learning how to walk again and take a picture. 

Skyler got up and wanted to walk down the hall into his room.  Look at him walking all by himself (well with the walker of course)

He was walking so well that I thought I would be ok leaving him and taking a picture of this awesome moment, bad idea because he got a little nervous right after I took this and he fell down.

This was the end result from the fall....his feeding tube got ripped out!  It was Saturday night so the x-ray room where they place the NJs was closed so we had to wait until the morning to place a new one.  This meant no feeds through the night (the longest he has gone without them) and....

He had to take all of his meds my mouth instead of through his NJ.  He has a ton of meds he has to take and I didnt get any of them flavored because they usually go right into his intestines.  As you can see he wasnt a fan.

He was so brave though and took them anyway even though I know they tasted nasty.  Poor kiddo.

But look how cute he is without that tube taped to his face.  He was actually loving not having that in his nose.  He kept rubbing his cheek telling me it felt really weird because he was used to feeling the tape and tube.

The next morning we got up early and headed to the hospital.  He was so nervous and scared because he absolutely hates getting that tube put into his nose.  He has to swallow it and he can feel it go all the way down.  Here he is waiting to go back and get his new tube.  I was going to take a picture of them putting it in, but he needed mommy to hold his hands.  Even though he was terrified he was so brave and did it.  Way to go bugs!


nsudburyfam said...

You guys are amazing! Way to go with the walking! I'm sorry about the feeding tube - Kaidan had to do that lots too - and it was definitely on her least fave procedures list! Skyler is far more brave than any child should have to be.

Anonymous said...

ahh poor sweet angel,, yet so strong and so brave.. so sad to see his tears, but his smile afterwards is like a beam of light!! keep up the good work sweet boy

zach's mom

Plain Jame said...

LOVE seeing him without his feeding tube - he looks soooo good! Look at that smile! It just made me smile and made my day. Love that skyler boy!

Amanda said...

I'm sure it was a horrible experience, but he sure looks adorable with out his tube. :)

Erin said...

Aw, what great picture of him without the feeding tube in place.