Monday, March 7, 2011

Last night we had a "just because we can" Mario Party.  What kid doesnt like a party and Skyler loves Mario right now so we decided to plan one.  I also thought this would be a great way to bring up his spirits.  I know it must be so hard for him to just sit inside all day, because it is for mommy, so I wanted to have something for him to look forward to.  First, he wrote out the invitations and then delivered them.  This is his silly face:

Then he helped me set the table.  He loves when I give him jobs to do, so setting the table was his job and he loved it.

Didnt he do such a good job? He wanted rice krispies for desert so he made the rice krispies that are in the middle of the table all by himself.  He put red sprinkles on top and cut them out as a shape of a mushroom so they looked like Mario ones.

Then we decorated the room.  Welcome to Mario Land!

Then the guests arrived and we ate cheese pizza and crunchy potatoes (funeral potatoes) I know pizza and potatoes dont go together but thats what he wanted.

Our first game was pin the mustache on Mario.  This is my family with their mustaches on.  They look pretty cool right?

This is my sister in law Jen trying to pin the mustache on Mario.  She is totally off the paper, but sad to say she was actually one of the closest. Go Jen!

And my brother Jason on his turn.  Umm a little to the left bro.

We had to spin seven times first, and boy did it make me feel old when I couldnt walk and wanted to puke after five turns.
This is a link to watch Skyler's turn.  He didnt have to spin but he had to close his eyes.  All the adults couldnt even get the mustache on the paper but for some reason Skyler was able to nail it...huummm

We also had a treasure hunt.  This is everyone trying to find the next clue.  You dont see my dad because he thought he could be helpful chillin on the lazy boy.  Silly grandpa.

We then played the present game where we had to pick a present from the middle if you rolled a certain number on the dice, or you could steal a present someone had already opened.  I love the dollar store when you need cheap prizes.  And yes, they all broke within a couple minutes.

Skyler loves to play card games so we also played UNO.  This kid is amazing at games.  I try my hardest to beat him now, I show no mercy and I still end up losing most of the time.  He is definitely an Isaacson.  Dont ask what my dad is doing because no one knows.  I dont think he got that he is not supposed to show people his cards.  Again, silly grandpa.

And then last but not least we played Mario on the Wii.  Skyler loves having people play his favorite games with him.  He was super tired and had a bad headache towards the end of the party, but he lit up when everyone started playing Mario with him.  I love seeing him so happy and Im glad he could have a fun night.
He did great helping me plan the party.  Thanks buddy for a fun night!


Jen Beckstrand said...

This was the best part of our weekend! No, our month! Maybe even our Year! Best Mario Party ever, that's for sure! Thanks for making us feel so loved and special Skyler! Next time we will beat all of those Mario levels ourselves with out Ty and Jason taking the controllers away from us! Love you dude!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome party! It looked like loads of fun. I have been following your blog from the beginning and appreciate all the posts. The videos just melt my heart. I am so amazed and thrilled at Skyler's progress. As always you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

suzie said...

Soooooo cute!! Best mom ever to do that for ur little man! He deserves ALL The "just b.c u can" parties out there!!!! He is just soooooo stinkin cute and the love and support from ur bro's sis's and mom and dad just radiates through the pics......just amazing....all of u...but, I have to say....ur Skyler is the ULTIMATE EXAMPLE to sooooo many.


Lacy Allred said...

what a fun night!

ps. your carpet ALWAYS looks freshly vacuumed!

EMILY said...

What a fun idea Crystal!! So creative. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! Thank you for sharing!

Sadie Love said...

I have become a follower of your blog and I am SOO excited about how far Skyler has come. My best friends little boy as ALL and you and Skyler give me hope. You are such a strong women and an amazing Mom. You have SO much strength and you inspire me to be more caring and loving. THANK YOU for sharing your story.
p.s. your little brother is cute.

Briana said...

what a fantastic idea! you are such a great mom, crystal. it looks like it was a fun night. way to go!