Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skyler has been doing really well this week.  He still will throw up at least a couple times a day, but he is so used to it now that he just continues on with what he was doing like nothing happened as soon as he is done.  He is such a little trooper.  I made it a point that this week we were going to have fun especially while he counts are still high enough because I know they will be dropping soon,  so I let him go over to my sisters house and play with his cousins while I went to an appointment.  The look on his face was priceless when I told him we could go over there and he didnt even have to wear a mask.  He had so much fun and it made me so happy to see him enjoying himself so much.  Skyler LOVES to share.  I remember when any friends would come to our house he would always give them one of his toys, even his favorite ones.  It makes him really happy to give things to people, so after he knew we were going over there he went in his room and grabbed lots of things for his cousins.  He also made me stop at a gas station on the way there so he could get them each a drink and a treat, it was really cute!

Today was such a beautiful day so we were able to go for a walk.  Skyler has been doing so well with his walking so he was able to walk instead of riding in the stroller.  He was such a boy and found a "funky" stick to take on the walk with him.  He also decided he wanted to pick a flower for me so he walked everywhere trying to find a flower even though I knew he was getting tired.  He didnt want to go home until he found one, luckily he was able to find a pretty yellow flower to give to me.  He is such a sweetheart.  Its little moments like this that I will always treasure. 
               Below is him finally finding the flower for me:

Me and my little sweetheart!


Briana said...

ah! that kid is such a little sweetheart! i had a big smile on my face all through this post reading about all the sweet things he did. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful,,, simply beautiful

zachs mom

jaimie said...

Wow, that shows a lot about Skyler. Most kids that age have a super hard time sharing.

Chelsea said...

OK...that video made me teary! Love you guys!