Sunday, March 13, 2011

This little boy just constantly amazes me.  He has gone through so much and still has to do alot of not so fun things, but yet he still is so happy and has the best attitude toward things.  The other day Skyler was having such a rough day and had been throwing up like crazy.  If it was me that was that sick I would be laying in bed all day probably feeling sorry for myself, but not Skyler, he throws up and then continues on being his happy little self.  Here is what I walked into the other night, you definitely wouldn't be able to tell he had had a rough day:

Also, he is a pro now with his central line.  He knows all the correct terms and everything I have to do.  Last night he even wanted to flush his own line.  Definitely not something I ever thought my four year old would learn how to do.


The Armga Family said...

Crystal, I found your blog through Chase's, who I found through a craft blog. I dont know you, and probably never will, but I would just like to tell you how amazing I think you are! You are such an inspiration, to many many women I'm sure. You and Skyler are never far from my thoughts or prayers. I feel such a love for your son, and wish him all the health and happiness in the world. He is so amazing to watch, and has accomplished so much! He is a Super Hero for sure. ♥

Meleea said...

You don't know me but I've been following Skyler's story for a while now. (I found it through Cami's blog. I'm a friend of the Carvers. I grew up with some major health problems (I've had an inoperable tumor since I was 6, Im now 24). I never went through chemo for it but I know a lot of the treatments Skyler has been through. I also had a central line that I was hooked up to 24/7. Its not a fun thing, I feel for him. But knowing all about it definitely makes it not really easier but definitely more interesting I guess. I learned quickly all the ins and outs of it often correcting nurses who were doing it wrong!