Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good news, we may have found the reason for Skyler's fevers....drug fevers.  We stopped all his antibiotics including his antifungal meds when we were in the hospital to see if these fevers went away, and on Saturday night through Monday evening he was fever free!  I had to restart his antifungal on Sunday and low and behold his fevers returned the next day, so the fevers are probably caused from his IV antifungal med Micafungin.  This was the result I was praying for so I am really happy this may be the answer.  Our oncologist is going to talk to the infectious disease team and see if they have an alternate antifungal that we can start him on that has less side effects but will still work just as well.  I think we will know Monday when we go back in for another round of chemo.  I honestly doubt there will be another one they can put him on because I think they already tried all of the "safe" ones down in the PICU.  Im afraid our only option right now is to leave him on this one and just deal with the fevers.  I dont like this option but he has to be on something while he is still getting these high doses of chemo, and this option is alot better than having his infection activate again.  I hate that he still has to deal with these fevers all the time because it makes him so miserable, but he and I both know it wont last forever so that makes it a little easier to cope. 
While we were at clinic he needed to get a blood transfusion because his counts were so low.  That explains why he has been so tired this weekend.  Its amazing at what a nice fresh bag of blood can do for these kiddos.  They immediately get their color and energy back.  I am so grateful for all you donors out there!

Now for some heartbreaking news.  My worst nightmare is coming true right now for a fellow cancer mom and her son.  The yellow ribbon my family and I wore on our shirts was for Daniel Allen, a seven year old boy battling a brain tumor.  On his routine MRI, the last one before maintenance, they found that his tumor has returned and is terminal.  This sweet boy has only two weeks to two months left on this earth.  Even though finances are tight, his mom and dad are taking him to Disney Land while he is still feeling well enough to go.  If you can please help this family make lasting memories with their amazing little boy before he returns to his Father in Heaven please do. 

Location: LDS Church 7000 S. 2700 W. West Jordan,Ut
Time: ‎3:00PM Friday, July 15th

If you would like to donate you can with paypal through


Lacey said...

I love easy answers! A drug reaction, we went through the same thing!
My heart breaks for this family. Praying they can go enjoy Disneyland. After all, it is the happiest place on earth!

susi and adam said...

So glad you got answers! So sorry about your friend Daniel.... there are no words :( Love and prayers to all of you.

Jordan said...

I am so glad its been figured out!!
I hope you know what an amazing person you are, always thinking of others and putting everyone else before you. You are a very special person, I'm so happy to know you- even through your blog. :]
We're keeping you and Sky in our prayers!
The Armgas.

Anonymous said...

The link you posted for Daniel comes up with an error when I attempted to go to it. Maybe post it again?