Friday, July 15, 2011

Skyler had another hearing test this morning.  I was actually looking forward to this appointment all week.  I dont know if his hearing has gotten worse this past week or if its because I am more aware of things, but I have to basically yell and repeat myself several times in order for him to hear me.  I know I was pretty bummed out to hear that Skyler may need hearing aides for the rest of his life, but I think its because I was caught completely off guard with this news.  Whenever Skyler goes in for tests or scans I always mentally prepare myself for any news I might hear, good and bad, but for this news I wasnt prepared at all.  I have come to terms with everything and am actually really looking forward to getting Skyler the help he needs.  I feel really silly for being upset especially when I heard the news about Daniel.  We are actually very blessed in how things have turned out for Skyler because I know how bad things could have been.  Having to wear things on his ears is nothing compared to what could have happened to him.

For the test Skyler went into a hearing booth and had to put head phones in his ears.  They would play different tones and pitches of sounds and when he heard something he had to put a block on the board.  He was pretty inconsistent in what he could hear but from what they got he has significant hearing loss.  Because he was inconsistent in things though they are going to have to do another test in which he will be sedated for.  They want to be really accurate in the results so they can program his hearing aides properly, so we will be doing this test sometimes next week when we are inpatient.  Im not sure the name for the test, the only thing I can remember is something brain something ( haha, I know not much help) but they will sedate him for it, put electrodes on his head and measure brain waves when they put sound into his ears.  At this time they will also fit him for the hearing aides because I know he will not tolerate someone poring mold into his ears while he is awake. I have sat down and talked to him about this several times so he is prepared for the hearing aides and understands what is going on.  He is actually excited that he will be able to hear better again.  Last night he said "The people that cant hear very well sometimes think you are saying one thing but you are actually saying something different.  Im like those people." 

This was the display of hearing aides in the doctors office.  He will be able to design his own and make them cool.

Here we are in the hearing booth about to start the test.

My mom took this from outside the booth where another lady was making the sounds go into his headphones.  He was not very excited about doing this.

Afterwards he wanted to have a little "picnic" on the bridge that connects Primarys to the Moran Eye Center.  We did this before when we were inpatient and he loved it so we did it again.

Our "picnic" consisted of candy from the vending machine.  I know super healthy huh?  But he enjoyed it and thats all that matters.  This is his candy sandwich he was excited about making.  You cant see it very well in this picture but he is started to grow back his eyebrows and eyelashes.  He also has alot of peach fuzz on that cute head.  I have mixed feelings about this because the hair that grows back in is so weird.  Its like baby hair and it wont do anything I want it to do, but it will be fun seeing him with hair again.

Here is just a few pictures from when we went to the park, he really wanted to collect pine cones.  He walked the whole time and bent down and picked them up all by himself, he collected alot of them too.  I was so proud of him.  This really wore him out though and he went and took a three hour nap afterwards.

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susi and adam said...

Glad Skyler is going to get his hearing taken care of. Thank goodness for all the miracles of modern medicine. Those hearing aids will be such a blessing. I LOVE the candy picnic! Love you guys