Saturday, July 9, 2011

Skyler was able to come home on Thursday just in time for the CureSearch walk today.  I didnt think I was going to be able to take him but his counts were high enough today so he was able to come too.  The turnout was amazing!  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude as I saw people arrive in their Team Skyler shirts.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the support that we were shown today.  It really is incredible to me that people I havent even met before were so willing to take the time out of their busy Saturday to come and support Skyler.  I wish I could have gone around and talked to and thanked more people, but Skyler was not in the best mood this morning.  Due to the high doses of Methotrexate he was given his whole entire mouth is now covered in mouth sores and he is in so much pain with it.  I gave him some pain meds right before we left which usually makes him really happy but it gave him the opposite effect this morning.  Also because he hasnt been able to be around alot of people this past year I think it made him nervous when there were so many people at the walk.  When we got home though and it was just the two of us he did say it was really cool to see everyone with his face on their shirt.  I thought it was pretty cool too.  I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who donated and came to the walk today.  It means so much to me.  You all are so amazing and really did make a difference in our fight against childhood cancer.  The goal for the walk this year was $50,000 but we ended up raising over $70,000!!  Yay!  For being the first ever CureSearch walk here in Utah this is so amazing.  I have the best family and friends ever.

Go Team Skyler!

Look at how many wonderful people came out to support Skyler today.  I love this picture, its so nice to know that we arent alone in this fight.

Here are more pictures of the wonderful people who came out to support Skyler today.  Thank you!

Skyler was able to get a kitty balloon animal and wouldnt let it out of his sight.  He loves balloon animals and this was his first time in a long time that he was able to get one.

My family wore ribbons in honor of Skyler's cancer buddie Daniel who couldnt make it today.  We love you Daniel and Lani!


This is Brinley, a cancer survivor.  She totally kicked cancers booty

These are all the people that came today from my mom's work.  I seriously loves these guys.

                 Some of my wonderful family

      Even little guys came out to support us today.  How cute is he?

 At the ceremony they released balloons in honor of those we have
                                   lost to this horrible disease

This was a hard yet touching moment for me.  There are too many children who have earned their angel wings too soon

At the ceremony they also gave out medals to the children who have fought and are fighting their battle with cancer.  Skyler was really excited to get his medal and wore it the whole time.  As soon as we got home he put it away in a special spot in his room.

Way to go Skyler!  I am so proud of you my little hero.

Look at all those cancer fighting cuties.  What a strong and courageous group of kids!  Everyone got a bandanna in different shades of green depending on where they are at in their treatment. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported us today and to those who have donated to this great cause.  There will be a day when we will have a cure for childhood cancer.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome turn out! Skyler is the cutest little kid EVER!! I'm so glad I found your blog. I wish nothing but the best for you and your little super hero.

susi and adam said...

Yeah!!!!!! I'm so glad so many came out and supported Skyler and all the other families facing this awful disease... Loved the picture of Brinley!!!! I bet Skyler really has no idea how much he has touched other people's lives but he truly has. I was in the Las Vegas Temple last night and said a special little prayer for Skyler while I was there :) Hugs!

Crystal and Skyler said...

I also want thank each one of you who came to the walk and also those of you who donated but could not come, we love you, we thank you!It was such a beautiful sight to see so many people support Skyler. I am so inspired by each of you for getting involved in a little boys life who you did not know. You make me want to be a bettter person. You ease the pain, we feel the prayers and encouragement each of you give. To our family and friends and new friends near and far, We love you, We Thank You!
Skylers Grandma

lindsay Roscoe said...

It was neat to see all the turnout. I wish we would have known about Daniel at the walk , I didn't know until after we came home. Let me know if we can do anything for them or if you guys are pulling something together for them. We will help.

Shaylynn;) said...


Tonight I had every intention of going over to a friends, but first I clicked on a friends blog, and for some reason I clicked on yours, she's a follower.

Three hours later, I am here, overcome with emotion and left wordless for what exactly it is I want to say to you, you & skyler of course. You my dear are an exceptional human being, your life, your journey, the way your heart beats.. all of it leaves me floored with amazement, and a need to be better..

I think the most I can do is donate, and as soon as I can, I will:)

I wish I could do more then say how amazing you are, and I wish you nothing but the very past in the journey you are on.