Monday, July 25, 2011

Skyler was able to go to the wishing room today to declare his wish!  He has been looking forward to this day for awhile now.  We have had a time to go a couple times but had to cancel due to fevers and admits but he was well enough to go today and it was awesome.  I love Make-A-Wish!  He was really excited to bring his key with him to unlock the wishing room and had it in his hands all day.  First we got a tour of the place and they let us know a little about how it all started.  Then we went out to the wishing pond and we all got to toss in a star coin and make a wish.  Then we went up and all played the wishing game where we took turns and answered questions like:  If you could be anything what would it be?  If you could go anywhere where would you go?  If you could meet anyone who would it be?  They do this so they can understand what the wish kid wants.  They really wanted Skyler to be the one to tell them what he wanted and what things he liked without influences from others.  They really are about making HIS wish come true.  His number one wish he wished for was a game room like Chuck E Cheese.  He LOVES games and he LOVES Chuck E Cheese.  His second wish (in case they cant make his first wish come true for some reason) is to go to Chuck E Cheese.  When I first starting talking to Skyler about Make-A-Wish and what it was he had a completely different wish.  I tried explaining to him that he gets to have a wish come true and asked him, if you could have anything or do anything or go anywhere in the whole entire world that would make you so happy what would it be?  He responded "To not be sick anymore"  This broke my heart, and everytime I asked him he would say that and that he wished he didnt have cancer.  Finally one day he thought it would be so cool if he had a game room in our house like at Chuck E Cheese, but that night as he was laying in bed he said " Mom I changed my mind about the game room, I really want my wish to be that I dont have cancer anymore so I dont have to do scary not fun things anymore"  Lets just say I spent awhile quietly crying after this.  He is super excited about these wishes though and I really hope they can make it happen for him.

After the wishing game we headed over to the wishing room where he could use his key to unlock the door.  This room is awesome!  It has lights and music and in the center is the wishing wizards hat where he puts his wish.  First we all went around the room and read to Skyler what our wish would be for him.  This was very emotional for me and when it got to my turn I totally started crying (very embarrassing)  Then he was finally able to put his wish in the hat.  I love that there is an organization like this that brings a little bit of magic and hope into these kids lives that are faced with a life threatening illness.  After all that Skyler has been through he really needed something like this to make him excited about something and to bring some happiness to his life.  I am so grateful that we were able to go and do this today and for all my family that came out to support Skyler. 

                       This is Skylers star that was at the entrance

Here Skyler is getting his coin to throw in the wishing pond

Throwing in his coin

This is the wall of some of the other wish kids and what they wished for.  There were alot of Skylers cancer buddies up there and also our special friend Emma from the PICU

This was Sky relaxin in his little chair while playing the wishing game.  I love this picture!

When it came to Sky's turn to answer the questions he was too scared to say it outloud so he whispered it to me and then I told everyone.

This was taken in the Wish Room right after he put his wish in the wizards hat

My awesome family

These stars represent all the wish kids that have come here.  Skyler will get his star when his wish is granted.  Its awesome to look up and see all of these stars but its so sad at the same time because that is way too many kids that have had to suffer.

After the wish room we went down and had some cookies and they gave Skyler an awesome bag of presents that were so perfect for him

Here is a link to the part of the wishing room where we went around and told Skyler our wishes for him.  I cut myself out because it was embarrassing watching me cry but my wish for him was that he wouldnt have to do scary things anymore and that he can get his game room.  There are also a couple other videos of the wishing room.


Chelsea said...

Im so happy Sky got to finally make this much deserved wish! I cant wait to find out what the wizard will grant! Love you both! xoxoxo

Briana said...

Hooray! I'm so happy you guys got to go do that. It is a wonderful distraction, indeed. If you have to have so much that isn't "normal", it's good that you guys can have some good not normal. :)

I love Skyler's wishes! What a creative kid. I'm excited to see what magic MAW comes up with!

Eisha said...

I have helped with make-a-wish. Once this kid wished to BE TARZAN. We turned his backyard into a jungle! Big ship, tarzan look-a-like fort, imported tropical plants, zip line, streams, jungle animal swings, Animal rockers, teeter-totters etc..., jungle animal everything and then we gave him some Tarzan dress up. It was done in one day (sunrise to sunset) so I bet a chuck-e-cheese room will be NO PROBLEM!

Melissa said...

Our wish for Skyler is to not be sick anymore, too! We hope his wishes come true! I don't think crying is embarassing...I get teary eyed every time I read your blog. You are a great mom!

Tammy said...

I get tears when I see pics of Make A Wish and those stars. My sons star is hanging up there in the green section. Make A Wish is so awesome and they do wonderful, wonderful things. I hope that Skyler gets his wish for a room like Chuck E Cheese's.

Susi said...

Awe! Next time I go to chuck E. Cheese I will think of Skyler and maybe that will help me endure the craziness!! haha... Seriously though what an awesome organization Make a Wish is! Praying that Skyler and you both get your first wish!! Sweet sweet boy :)

Lacy Allred said...

My wish for Skyler is that he hits maintenance soon and is able to play in his own Chuck E Cheese ALLLLLL day!

A lady approached me the other day about donating to Make A Wish and I did not hesitate and pulled out my wallet. I hope my donation goes directly to Skyler's game room!