Sunday, July 17, 2011

I was looking through videos today and saw a video of Skyler a few years ago.  I couldnt believe at how well he was moving and dancing around.  Its such a big difference from where he is at now, I guess I kind of forgot how things used to be.  But then I came across one of him after he was really sick and was finally able to come back up to ICS from his long stay in the PICU,  and he has come so far since then.  In this video I remember being so amazed and so proud that he could hit a ball.  Then I took a video of him today trying to "run" and Im so proud of how far he has come.  Its definitely different from where he was before cancer, but its where we are at in life now and Im so proud of him. 

                                       Skyler before cancer

Skyler during physical therapy after coming up to ICS.  This brings tears to my eyes because him being able to do this amazed everyone.  He is one strong little guy.

Skyler today!


Amy Stewart said...

he has come a long way..way to go Skyler!! we love you guys

Erin said...

A girl my brother uses for his babysitter had leukemia when she was 3 or 4. She is a teenager now and has spoken to them freely about her experiences. Because she was so young at diagnosis, she remembers only the happy times. She has no memories of the hard stuff or her fight back to good health.

It is my wish and belief that Skyler (and my son, Nolan) will be this way as well. They will finish treatment and bounce back the become like all their friends.

In time. Until then, embrace everything he has accomplished. He is a strong boy.


Anonymous said...

just love this little guy!! thank you for all of the updates!! keep going little man!! your doing great!! zachs mom

cjmom said...

So cute! So grateful your family is there to support Skyler. He is such an energetic child.