Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skyler did great last night and didnt need to be put on oxygen.  We are having problems with his heart rate dropping down so low though.  Throughout the night it will drop into the 40's but then it will jump back up.  Its really weird but they have done an EKG and an ECHO on him and they both looked ok.  I guess he is just one of those kids whose heart rates drop low while he is sleeping.  He finished the Methotrexate last night and now we are pushing alot of fluids to get it out of his system.  His Methotrexate level has to be below either 1 or .1 (I cant remember) and right now its at 60.  Today Skyler went down to RTU for an LP where they removed some spinal fluid and replaced it will chemo (some more methotrexate)  He is doing great right now and just wants to get out of here.  He has been peeing like a champ so hopefully his levels drop soon.

 Finally some parade pics..
This is the awesome car Skyler got to ride in

Go Super Skyler!

The parade gang.  My dad went too because Skyler wanted to sit on his lap and throw candy out.  I got to hang out in the backseat.  This is Ron who owns the car.  He was so awesome and sweet with Skyler.  Im so glad he was willing to do this for Skyler.

He got an awesome Over the Hill Gang shirt to wear with Ron.

Skyler and grandpa getting ready to start the parade!

The view from the backseat...

Having a Popsicle after the parade to cool down.

And of course he had to give daddy the balloons from the car

Before everyone came over for fireworks at our house, Skyler and grandma made some awesome cupcakes for everyone.

Both the popcorn and corn on the cobb are cupcakes, pretty cool huh?  Oh the diet coke is mine not Sky's

Skyler was so proud of his corn on the cobb cupcakes

And this is what happened to his corn on the cobb two seconds after taking that picture...it was so funny!

At least he laughed about it instead of cried

Here he is with his cousin Kayson throwing those pop-its

Now back to reality and alot of chemo.  He doesnt look too sad about it though in this picture.  I actually love this one.  Isnt he so cute?


Anonymous said...

He sure is so cute! And - don't need to mention - such a trooper! :]

cjmom said...

Happy Day!

Sonja said...

He IS darling. Good luck to you. I know very well the methotrexate number--it has to be .10 (.11 won't work!). It drops quickly at first and then slows down.

Susi said...

Yeah! So glad things are going well.
Love the corn on the cob cupcakes. What a cutie he is :)

Anonymous said...

you look great skyler!! love the pictures!! love that smile!

zachs mom

lea said...

So cute! I was in tears just reading about his parade standing ovation...hes earned that!!!

Briana said...

hooray! i'm so happy and relieved that you guys are just about through with round 1 of this stuff! i think someone else already mentioned this, but it has to be below .1. it seemed like for elena it dropped fast once it started dropping. and the docs/nurses did a good job of predicting what it would do, too. we'd be really close to being able to go, but not quite there and they'd start working on the discharge papers anticipating that the next reading would be fine and it always was. we hope and pray that things continue to go alright during this round. you guys are so strong!

and your 4th of july celebrations look wonderful! seeing those parade pics puts a big smile on my face. he is a superhero!

Erin said...

What a wonderful break you have coming up! I hope you can both enjoy the time away from being hooked up. Great parade pictures!