Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Notice anything different?

Skyler finally got his hearing aids today!  I have been anxiously waiting for today because I knew he would be so much happier (and mamma too) when he was able to hear better.  He was excited for today too because he said he would have super sonic hearing powers now.  During the appointment our audiologist spent an hour teaching us how to take care of them and how to use them.  These little guys cost me ALOT of money so even when we went home I went over with him how to take care of them properly.

For the most part Skyler did really well watching and listening to her explain everything about his new accessories

When she first put them in his ear he wasnt a fan.  He cried saying that it hurt him.  I dont think it actually hurt I just think that it felt weird having something in his ear.

Once the molds were in she had to measure the tube to fit the actual hearing aid.  As you can see he wasnt a fan of this part either.  If I saw scissors coming directly toward my face I would be a little scared too though.

After they were put together I was able to practice putting them in his ear.  Its harder than it looks because it feels like Im jamming that thing right down his ear canal.  Every time I put them in though it gets easier and easier.

This is right after we turned them on for the first time.  It was neat to be able to see his sweet face when he could actually hear things again.

I whispered something to him behind his back, something he wouldnt have heard before, but he did and we were all so excited about it.  He was too! 
On the way home he kept saying "I heard that" to things we were saying that he would have said "huh?" to without the hearing aids.  It was so cute because you could tell by the little look on his face that he was happy and so proud of himself

After the hospital we went to Liberty Park to feed the ducks.  Skyler loves feeding ducks and we have never gone here before to do it so it was really fun for him.

Those silly ducks and geese went right up to us.  This is something Sky loved but freaked me out.  I have a thing about birds coming toward me with that hungry I want to eat you look on their faces. 

He is rockin those hearing aids!

Im so grateful for these hearing aids and the help they give Skyler.  He did such a good job picking the colors and out and he looks awesome with them on!  Its so weird because I thought it would take me a little while to get used to seeing him with them on, but even before we left the hospital it was like he has always had them.  He got used to them fast too.  On the ride home he said he couldnt feel that they were in there anymore.  He is also excited to decorate them with stickers she gave us specially for hearing aids.  He can chose different ones everyday if he wants or just leave them how they are. We will go back in two weeks for a follow up appointment to see how they are working out for him and to see if they need to make any adjustments.  The hearing aid is like a little computer that they program to Skylers hearing.  If there are things he still cant hear then they will adjust it then.  They will probably do another hearing test in the booth as well.

Today was a good day.


susi and adam said...

Yeah! So thankful for modern miracles like hearing aids!! He looks great. Feeding ducks kind of freaks me out too. haha :)

Rachel said...

So happy for you and Sky! Glad things are starting to look up!

Hilary said...

They look great! I'm so glad he got his super sonic hearing power :) Jayden thinks it's pretty cool that he got blue ear molds like him. One thing I found that makes it easier to get them in is if you sort of screw them in to his ear. I put the part that sticks into his ear canal in, but the rest of the hearing aid is more towards his cheek. Then I twist it up and in. This could just work because of the shape of Jayden's ears, but it's something to try.

Briana said...

hooray! i can only imagine how excited he was! it's kind of like when you get glasses and realize everything you've been missing. i'm so happy the doctors figured this out and that he can hear better now.

he is adorable!

suzie said...

Makes me sooooo happy to see his cute little smile and eyes light up w/ pure happiness! A childs spirit, will, desire, faith, love is just soooooo pure and Skyler is just simply amazing! Ur an amazing mama crystal! Skyler deserves every bit of happiness this world has to offer!


DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

Wright Family said...

Crystal, I came across your blog from someone elses but i have enjoyed looking threw it and i feel like i know your little guy. these Hearing air pictures. Brings back so many memories for me My 7 year old has hearing aids and they have been a huge help to him he got them when he was 6 weeks old so its been a long 7 years and we are now on our 3rd set of them. Boys will be boys and break them. Im so blessed for technology that our guys can hear. Maybe oneday we could get them together and learn sign are you teaching skyler sign? We know a little bit but we want to learn more. Im glad Skyler is doing better per your recent post. Go Super Skyler!!