Friday, September 9, 2011

Today has been a busy and fun day.  First we had our home health nurse come draw labs to see if Skyler made counts to start his first maintenance appointment, and all of his counts are great!  I was expecting them to be good because of how well he looks and how happy he is.  His ANC is 3.4 which is great.  His platelets are 218, a big jump from 36 last week.  His hematocrit was a whopping 38!  He did get a unit of blood last week but this is the highest I can ever remember it being.  He will go to clinic on Monday to officially start maintenance.  He will get a back poke to put chemo in his spine, he will get vincristine and he will also start back up on his chemo 6MP that he will take at home everyday along with a Methotrexate pill he will take once a week.

We also had a very special visitor today.  Daphne one of Skylers cancer buddies came and gave Skyler a present and also played.  Skyler loves Daphne!  She is one of the sweetest girls and he always talks about his cancer friend Daphne.  He was so excited that she was coming to our house and was even more excited that she stayed and played.  It was really good to sit and talk with her mom too.  She is amazing and its always nice to be able to talk to someone who "gets it" and knows what Im talking about without having to explain what things mean.  You learn so much cancer lingo that sometimes I forget that people have no idea what Im talking about when I talk about his ANC or crit. 

Next we had Skylers physical therapist come and work with him a little.  He is still so stiff in his feet and weak that he compensates in his walking and still walks different.  He has been eating better and I think has gained a couple pounds so that will help with his walking as he gets stronger but I also really need to work hard on stretching his feet and legs.  Its hard to do it for too long though because it still causes him alot of pain.  His endurance is getting better though which is really good.  He can walk farther now without tiring as fast.

We also had some people over to interview me and Skyler who are working on a cancer documentary.  I was expecting the guy to bring a notepad to jot down notes or something but he showed up with actual camera equipment and filmed me. (I guess I probably should have dressed up more)  I get super nervous with this stuff and am not the best at talking on the spot, but they were really nice and the documentary is going to be great so that made it easier.  It was fun being able to talk with them and get their take on the cancer world.  Im grateful that they were so nice in listening about our cancer journey so far.


The Morrill Mama said...

He looks so good!!! his hair is really filling out and I can see those extra pounds...YAY!!! Sweet Boy!

Piano Mom said...

Ohhhh! I'm so glad they got ahold of you to film your story. I really wanted that to happen. I am so glad that Skyler's counts are so high! Yay!

Briana said...

you guys are a perfect addition to that movie - i'm glad they got in contact with you!

and HOORAY - maintenance here you guys come!!! can you believe it?!

Plain Jame said...

He looks so cute! You BOTH do, perfect for the film - not overdone, just naturally beautiful. I love his hair, eyebrows and squishiness all coming in! Such a beautiful sight to see!

Chelsie said...

Ahhh Maintenance, what a breath of fresh air for you guys! YAY! I'm just so happy you are going to be able to be out and about! He's going to love it!

We had so much fun visiting. Daph loves Skyler and was so excited to see him. Thanks so much for letting us stop by.

Also, I'm positive you did just great for your interview. You always do such a good job with the blog that I'm sure they were blown away by how amazing, strong, intelligent, caring, and well-spoken you are. Not to mention how awesome Skyler is.

Sky looks to be filling out! Yay for growing!

Miracles Happen said...

We are Daphne's cousins and we are so proud of both of them! Daphne is great. We follow your blog and prayer for Skyler. We know the sad part of the sick world and special needs and hope that Sky keeps up the good work.

susi and adam said...

So glad Skyler is doing so well!! P.S. your house is super cute!! :)