Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today we were able to go to an amazing fundraiser for childhood cancer.  A fellow cancer mom, Kristin, put together a huge lemonade stand (Alex's Lemonade Stand) in honor of her daughter Brinley who is a cancer survivor and other children who have fought, are fighting, and will fight this horrible disease.  This woman is amazing and I look up to her so much.  The event was incredible and it was fun to take Skyler and to see other moms and their cancer fighting cuties.  Its amazing the bond we have now that we have entered this world.  Some moms I have only met online but we are connected in a way that makes it seem like I have known them forever.  Today was Sweet Brinleys Grand Stand, but there have been other lemonade stands held under her stand all over the country the past week or two.  Alex's Lemonade Stand started out by a little girl named Alex who held lemonade stands to help her parents with their medical bills.  Alex has now earned her angel wings but her parents have kept this going and it is now a national foundation that helps out little kiddos like Skyler.

This is the section where they had stars with our little heros names on them.  It was so sweet and it made me emotional seeing the angel stars with the kids who have lost their battle with cancer and now have their wings.

I love this...

Skyler's star.  My hero.

Kristin made this beautiful picture of some of our little cancer cuties

Skyler with his yummy cup of lemonade!

Skyler loves fish ponds so it was awesome that they had one there.

I love this picture.  The girl with the cute pig tails is Brinley.  I love this girl, she is so stinkin cute!

This is Brinley trying to give Skyler a hug.  He was not having it as you can tell.  He is so shy.

They also had a big bounce house slide too.  Even though it scared me to death even thinking of letting him go down that slide, I knew he would love it so I had him go down with me.  My amazing friend and fellow cancer mom Jodi knew what a big deal it was that he was going down it so she had everyone get off and let me and Skyler go down.  Thank you Jodi!  My mom who was recording it was in tears because she also knew that this was a big deal for us.  I was almost in tears too as I heard him giggle and then seeing that big smile on his face. 

 You did an amazing thing today Kristin, thank you!

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Susi said...

She is awesome! What a great day :)