Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Ok so I know this has nothing to do with Skyler's illness but I thought it was sweet so I figured I'd share.
Every year for my birthday my mom takes Skyler shopping for a present for me and lets him pick out whatever he wants.  He always goes straight for the Halloween section and picks out lots of Halloween things.  Last year one of the presents was a black bat, I loved it and hung it from my ceiling all year.  I think its so cute because he is actually really picky about the things he picks out.  So this year I was bummed that I wouldnt get my Halloween presents from him, but the staff came in and gave me this.  Alot of the nurses and doctors working with him signed it.  I thought it was really sweet and in a way I got my Halloween present from him :)

Also my mom went shopping and got me this cute Halloween dog that moves and sings the Ghostbusters song and a Toy Story card that sings (because for Skyler its not a card if it doesnt sing) These are things that she thought that Skyler would have picked out for me and she was SO right!

This is a painting that my uncle Eric painted for me and my grandpa made the frame. Its Skyler and me as superheros with other superheros. It also has Christ and Daddy looking down on us from Heaven. I love it!

This is a quilt that my grandma made for perfect!

A big thank you to my family who came and made this such a special day for me.  I love you all!!!
 Here are Skyler's bracelets.  Crystal's brother Ty suprised her by making some bracelets that say "Skyler Strong" on them in yellow, red, and orange.  He even got a kid size so all of his cousins could be Skyler Strong too!  Before Crystal knew of this surprise she had some bracelets made herself.  She made red ones that say "Super Skyler"  with the superman logo on each side of the words. 

Here is a close up of them so you can get a better look.  The yellow says "Skyler Strong" and the red says "Super Skyler". 


tenacious d said...

What awesome, thoughtful gifts! If you had to have a birthday during such a stressful time, that's definitely the way to have it. Love you guys!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful party! Love the singing dog. So funny and I'm sure Skyler will love it too! The painting is beautiful! What an amazing family you have.

ps, I hope I get to finally meet you tonight at our girl's dinner!

Amanda and Millie

Chelsea said...

I am SO glad you got to have a party for your birthday, you deserve it!!! I love that your mom thought to get you a gift that Skyler would have picked out.. she is so thoughtful and cute. I am so glad you have such an amazing and supportive family surrounding you.

GO SUPER SKYLER! -it is so perfect! (I love it).

Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday! Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

First off Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good day (considering all)! You deserve the BEST day ever! It looks like you had a lot of LOVE surrounding you! Family is the best. I love the cute dog!

That picture is absolutely beautiful! It made me cry! Wow it says is all right there!

You are SUPER MOM! And Skyler is so lucky to have you!

Love Nat

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope you and the little man had a good day. Constantly thinking and praying for you and Skyler!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Crystal! I loved the painting (it made me cry looking at it). You're such an inspiration to mom's like myself (so strong). Prayers and thoughts are always with you and Skyler.


I love the bands and would love to purchase one in support of Skyler.

Jen_M said...

I think you should sell the bracelets too. We would buy some!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Crystal - happy birthday to you - may the Lord just bless you immeasurabley! I am praying for your precious little boy - praying that God will send His healing hand down upon that sweet boy and restore him back to health!

Cami said...

Happy Birthday! I have been keeping up on your blog for a few weeks and I am thrilled that he looked at you! What a beautiful sight that must have been to see his beautiful eyes! So happy for you! Praying for you two! Go Skyler!!!