Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today we found out that Skyler has a couple more infections.  He has been getting high fevers again so we knew something wasnt right, so they started him on two more antibiotics.  Hopefully these will start to help him and he can start feeling a little better.
On a good note, he opened his eyes and looked at me today!!  It was only for a few seconds, but when the nurse asked him to open his eyes and look at mommy he did.  I have been waiting to see those eyes again for three weeks so that was amazing to say the least!

Also his skin has been looking alot better.  He is starting to look like Skyler again.  Here is a pic of him last week. 

And this is one taken today.  To me he is looking alot better.  Way to go bug!

Happy Birthday Crystal!!  We love you so much!  You are an AMAZING mother!


Michelle and Sean said...

Crystal I am so sorry Skyler has gotten some more infections. We pray everyday for you and Skyler.

We are rooting for him to pull through this!! What an amazing boy you have and what an amazing mom he has!!

Hang in there and please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do. Mindy and I would still love to come and see you so let us know when would be a good time for you!!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you both. Bless little Skyler and I hope he gets well soon. He is such a beautiful child and you are such a strong mother. Be well and God Bless!

Nick & Bon said...

Hi Cyrstal. You don't know me (I'm Janica's sister-in-law), but I wanted to wish you and Skyler the best. I've been reading your blog over the past week and I'm so glad that Skyler is looking better! You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

Amanda said...

You are a wonderful mother, thank you for being such a wonderful example of patience. You amaze me.

So sorry to hear about Skyler's new infections. He is looking great though! We will keep praying.
much love, amanda and millie

Dani said...

I came across your blog from a link on kisses for Cami. My 2 yr old boy was diagnosed with ALL in July. You have such a good spirit and are such an amazing mom! Skyler is a cutie and a fighter. I have tears in my eyes reading your blog. A mother should never have to make the high point in her day a head nod or her child opening his eyes! You are a trooper. I send every prayer I have your way with hugs and hope!!! Hang in there!

Chelsea said...

Skyler's skin is SO SO SO much better and it looks like his belly swelling has gone down too! I am so sorry to hear about the new infections, but Im so happy he is nodding, opening his eyes, and aware that you are there with him. He is such a trooper and so are you. Hang in there.. I hope we get to see you tomorrow. XOXOXO

lindsay Roscoe said...

I struggle with what to say to you because you don't really know me, and with a time like this there really are just no words. I think did you really want your birthday mentioned or would you rather have forgotten it this yr all together or is it both emotions. As i struggle with the right words I hope your day is not full of struggles, but peace! It's amazing to see the chain of prayers around you. With people you know, and many you don't, all wrapped together around 2 people having hope and faith.

Mindy said...

He does look so much better!! That is such good news. You are doing an amazing job!! We should start calling you "Super Mom!" it only seems fitting :) My prayers are always with you and your little guy. Please let me know if I can do anything for you at all. He couldn't have asked for a better Mom and I hope you know that!