Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm sorry my last post was such a downer, I'll be more positive today I promise.  Skyler had a lumbar puncture the other day so they could put chemo into his spine.  Usually he would have a bone marrow aspirate too, but they said they had no reason to think his cancer has come back so they didn't do it this time. Yay!  On his recent chest x-rays they saw that he had alot of fluid around his lungs, which could have had something to do with his oxygen dropping, so they decided to place a chest tube so they could drain the fluid.  They also replaced his dialysis catheter too at the same time because that has been giving them problems.  They placed the catheter coming out of his chest this time instead of his neck so its MUCH more comfortable for him.  And also since they placed his chest tube his heart rate has come down and his oxygen level is so much better.  They were even able to come down on his vent settings again and he is tolerating it great!  They also were able to get his medications under control so he is much more comfortable.  Thank goodness!  It had gotten to the point where they had to put restraints on him because he was trying to pull his breathing tube out. (Not good)  But today he looks better and seems calmer.  So momma is calmer too :)
This is Sky getting a bath.  He usually shakes and shakes while he gets his baths so today they put him under heat lamps which helped a ton.

I took this one a couple days ago and just thought it was funny because he was so uncomfortable and couldn't figure out a place to put his arm that felt ok and this was where he chose to put it.  He kept it resting on his head like that for so long.  It was pretty cute!

A couple days ago one of Skyler's cancer buddies came and gave him this little book.  She made it just for him.  It says Cami and Skyler's perfect day, she drew things that they would do on a perfect day.  So cute!  Thank you Cami!!

Today I received tons of cards in the mail for Skyler from all over the country, even Canada and Australia.  It was awesome reading all these sweet cards for my little boy from people that haven't even met him.  There are so many good people in the world.  Thank you everyone who sent a card.  Skyler LOVES cards and I cant wait until he wakes up so he can see these!!!

Skyler opened his eyes today and watched Scooby-Do!!!  Amazing!!  Look at those eyes, I LOVE you Skyler and I LOVE seeing those big beautiful eyes!


Dani said...

Crystal, He looks AWESOME!!! His eyes are beautiful. It gave me chills to see the cards for him. So many people praying for little Sky! I was so glad to hear today was a much better day. We are ALWAYS praying for you guys!

tenacious d said...

That last picture is a beautiful sight. Keep fighting, Sky!!

Mi'Chelle said...

Thank heaven for Scooby-Doo! That's what my kids would want to watch, too.

I love seeing his eyes open -- yay!

thinking of you.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

so thankful to see that baby boy's eyes as well! Praising God that Skyler is better and I just pray God's continuing mercy and grace upon that precious little boy!

Briana said...

hooray! glad to read such positive progress - even little steps. it is amazing to see his eyes open! go skyler!

Cami said...

Seeing his beautiful eyes gave me the chills. What an amazing sight to see! Happy to hear that thinks are looking up a bit. You are an amazing mom for Skyler! What a cute/thoughtful book from his little friend! Thank you for your example to us all!

Anonymous said...

Crystal and Little Skyler,

I stumbled upon you blog looking at one of my friends and was touched by the strength and the passion both of you have for life. I wish little Skyler the best and will be praying for him.. praying that he reaches comfort and is free from paina and from this terrible illness that has taken over his little body. He looks like an adorable little boy and he is such a little fighter and is truly a super hero in everyones eyes the passion he has to get better is amazing he truly is super Skyler i wish i could help out and take away the pain that you both must be feeling. I will keep checking your sight cheering your little super hero on!!! best wishes and lots of prayers for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you both. I hope Skyler is doing better. It's good to see his eyes open!