Sunday, October 10, 2010

Skyler is doing ok today.  I have been expecting him to get worse because of these new infections, but he is hanging in there.  In fact the staff came in today and was suprised at how good he looks.  His labs are even doing ok.  Wow this little boy is tough!  Im actually kind of afraid to even tell people that he is doing ok right now incase he gets worse tomorrow (because thats how it seems to go lately) but I will take any good I can get right now.  I'm learning to celebrate the good things now, even if its just a tiny improvement, because he is working SO hard to get there.  These little things are actually a really big deal for his little body.
Ever since last night Skyler is doing a new thing with his tongue.  He opens his mouth and just sticks out his tongue and keeps it hanging out there.  The nurses are thinking its because he is more aware that there are a million tubes stuck in his mouth and gets a little nervous about it so thats his way of dealing with it.  I think its so cute because it kind of shows a little personality coming from that little sleeping body.

Also today we were able to change it up a little bit and switch rooms.  Every three days they have to take Sky off the dialysis machine to change out the circut, so it was a perfect day to switch.  Our old room just had a teeny little window with a wonderful view of a wall. Our sweet nurse was concerned that we werent getting enough natural light so he switched us over to the best room in the house.  It has alot of windows and actually a great view of the city.  It was a nice change and much needed.  (This picture isnt the best but you can see that it has more windows and its a little bigger)


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Praise God that Skyler is better! That little boy is heavy on my heart!

Skyler- you just keep your eyes on Jesus and He will wrap you up in His loving arms and take care of you my precious boy.

sportzmom said...

I just found your site yesterday. I am praying for you! Stay strong and keep fighting Skyler!

Amanda said...

It's amazing what some natural light can do to lift up the spirit. You have one strong little boy on your hands! Skyler, you AMAZE me. Love you both.


Lindsey Hill said...

Yay for a better room! And yay that he is doing okay!!!! Sky i will say it again and again, you amaze me!!!!!! And you too Crystal!! Love you guys!!!!

JACK's house said...

Yeah for changing rooms and natural light! Yeah for the sun and YEAH for positive news...even if its small. Way to go Skyler

Anonymous said...

Still praying night and day. So happy you have good people looking out for you.

Dani said...

Crystal and Skyler, we check your blog often and pray for you even more often.
Keep fighting Skyler. You are one tough cookie.
Crystal you are an AMAZING mom! Skyler is so lucky to have you.
Even though we have never met you we send love your way!
Dani and Chase

lindsay Roscoe said...

I can not even imagine how you must feel. There never seems to b ethe right words to write. I find myself writing then erasing writing then erasing. I have 5 children and what you are going through is a pain that every cell that is me would like to block out of life. I am glad that in the hard times in life, time ticks by and we don't have to sit in the same moments everyday. Like having a new room with a new window will give you something new to look at.

Denise said...

Prayers continue.