Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today was the big surgery day.  Skyler and momma were both scared.  I held off telling him until last night because I didnt want him having anxiety about it for too long.  Even though he was really scared, we talked about it and I after I answered all of his questions he seemed to calm down.  At 8:00 this morning he was scheduled to go in for a CT scan.  There they sedated him, stuck a needle into his lung where one of the nodules was and injected some dye.  That way when he went in for surgery the surgeon would be able to see better the part of the lung that he would remove.  To sedate him they gave him Versed, Ketamine, and Fentynel (I dont know how to spell those)  I hate Ketamine.  It puts him into lala land and he doesnt remember a thing, but he still has his eyes open looking at me and they twitch back and forth.  I like it much better when they just knock him out and he looks like he is sleeping.  Its also easier for me when I have to leave him in the room if he looks like he is peacefully sleeping.  Its hard leaving my little boy laying on the table alone when he is looking at me and I have no idea if he is aware that mommy is leaving him all by himself.  Ugh that one really got to me today.

The procedure went really well and they were able to inject the dye in the right spot.  The guys that did it are the ones that put in all his dialysis catheters and were so used to seeing him at his worst, so they were blown away by how good he looked.  When they were done he woke up crying and wanting mommy and still had the effects of the drugs in his system.  It was kind of funny because he was looking at me all weird and saying I had two noses and mouths and four eyes, he was also playing with my hair because he was fascinated by it. Silly boy.  As soon as he was more awake and I had two eyes again, they took him to a room in post op to wait for his surgery.  The poor kid had to wake up out of sedation and be put in a room for over two hours while not being able to eat or drink, and then be put out again.  I was really worried that this would turn into a disaster but he did so much better than I thought he would.  Again, he never ceases to amaze me.  At about 11:30 they took him back to the operating room.  The surgeon was actually the one that removed his spleen and is wonderful so I was confident he was in good hands.  Its nice having people who have worked with him at his sickest because they understand how fragile and "special" he is.  The surgery was about an hour and a half and went really well.  They made an incision in his back, spread his ribs apart, stuck a scope in there and took the part of his lung they wanted to biopsy.  He woke up in extreme pain though.  They had to give him two doses of Morphine and he was still in pain, it was so sad to see and it broke my heart.  When we got up to our room here in ICS they gave him another dose of Morphine for his pain.  He has pretty much been in pain most of the day.  They said to expect this because they had to spread his ribs and also put in a pretty large chest tube to drain the excess fluid and air.  Right now he is doing ok, not great, but ok.  His oxygen level has stayed pretty low so he is requiring blow by oxygen.  He also starting getting really croupy and now they suspect he has a pneumothorax (air in his lung)   I just hope that this chest tube will be able to fix this and it doesnt get any worse.

We still havent gotten any test results back yet.  Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day they will know something.  We dont know how long he will have to stay here at the hospital, it just depends on how he does and what they find.  I will update more when I know more.  Thank you for all your prayers.

                      Getting ready to go back for the CT scan

Just waking up from the CT and being taken back to the recovery room

This was when mommy had four eyes.  Look at him concentrate on my face.  I must have looked so weird to him.

This was back in the post op room waiting to go back to the operating room.  Thank goodness they had a TV in there.

Still recovering when we got back up to our room.

That is the dreaded chest tube that they left in to drain 

In this picture you can see one of the incisions they made on his back, and then up kind of by his shoulder where the circle is is where they went into his lung in CT

You can tell in this picture that he just does not feel good at all.


suzie said...

Oh crystal!

I know u don't know me.....but I have been on pins and needles for your sake and of course, of course ur sweet, perfect baby boy! I have been checking and re-checking ur blog for ur update bc my mind (along w my two munchkins) could not stop wondering today hw ur skyler is from this surgery. have THE MOOOOOOOST. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G little man!! He is most definately in all our prayers....praying r little hearts out for him! I just look at ur sky's sweet little face and can not believe all he has to be put through...unfathomable! We (my lil fam) and along w my siblings & friends who I've told abt ur skyler r fasting for him tomorrow in behalf of his results etc. I look up to the both of u more than u'll ever know......such pillars of strength u r to one another....beautiful thing.

Susi said...

Been praying for both of you. I am a friend of Kristin's. Glad that things went pretty good yesterday. Hope he heals quickly from the surgery and that they find all the answers they need to treat him. My heart just aches for all the pain and stress and worry you feel as the momma and for your little boy!! He is so strong and amazing!! Much love and prayers. Susanne

Erin said...

I'm so glad to hear that things went relatively well yesterday. Skyler is such a brave little guy!

All our thoughts and prayers are with you, hoping that this isn't another fungal infection.

Erin & Nolan

Annie said...

What a strong boy. And strong momma. I cry nearly every time I read your blog.

Brandi Robinson said...

I too have been thinking of you and Skyler. My thoughts have been with you both all day and have been waiting for an update. He looks amazing after going through what he did. You don't know me either, but I follow your blog and tell everyone I know about your sweet boy and about how amazing you are. Please know that complete strangers are thinking of you and praying for you both.

My family and I are planning on attending the CureSearch Walk for Skyler and are working on raising money for it. Hopefully we can help you reach your goal.

Without sounding like too much of a stalker, please don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything. My youngest went through a lot when he was little (nothing like what you guys are going through), but I know how exhausting it can be just with the worry alone.

Lots of love, Brandi

Anonymous said...

Crystal,,, thank you so much for keeping everyone informed, you are such a strong momma. Each morning I check on you both and have been so worried. My prayers are always with you and sklyer. Stay strong little angel.

zachs mom

Anonymous said...

Life is so unfair. It is heartbreaking to see what you and Skyler go through on a daily basis. I can't imagine what one day of your life must be like. You are both amazing. Many prayers coming your way.

Love another mom.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Oh sweet little Angel... I have been following your story for a couple of months. I'm not a big commenter (sorry) But just wanted to let you know that we (my kids and I) pray for Skylar... Especially for this procedure... We love you guys! and hope he recovers quickly and they can find out how to treat the infection in his lungs.
Kelly Lund and 3 kids